Hetzner server setup for quickbox Raid-0

So when you’re setting up your server you will need to change 2 things for server to have raid 0 on / mounted partition.

First is the raid level should be at 6 or something like it, you’re going to want it to be 0
next is to remove /home and add all remaining space to / mount you can also remove the swap if you have a lot of ram anything more than 20Gb you won’t really need swap, it will just slow you down.
and changing hostname is not needed but you can if you’re feeling a need to.


Note: The procedure is exactly the same when you choose Debian 8+

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Thanks for this…was just about to make a post about Plex now setting subfolders due to the mount. Guess I need to re-setup my server :frowning:

Hetzner has the fastest OS time of any provider I’ve ever used. A small consolation :wink:


I host on Hetzner too.

I prefer keeping the home partition separate from root. If you’re running Plex, assign 100GB to root and the rest to /home.

This is what my setup looks like: http://i.imgur.com/7OA4Ads.png

why waste space you most likely wont use with root partition? when installing all on / that means you use what you have rather than reserving for something you most likely will not use. most server installs dont take much room at all. the only thing that would is plex and /home is just unnecessary. That being said you are welcome to install however you would like to make you happy i just can not recommend it to users of quickbox.

Thank you @dtech_banned!
Just purchased my 1st hetzner and I’m following your advice.
Installing now, hope it goes well and quickbox will run smoothly.


Thanks @JMSolo

I was editing the SWRAID 1 instead of SWRAIDLEVEL


Thanks :slight_smile:

Hello Here,

Thanks a lot for your tips.
But when I do the install of the quickbox strangely the quickbox dashboard sees less than -0.001 Go for my user. So not possible to use.
Before to redo a fresh install, can you please give me a last type of which level did you mount quickbox during the quickbox install? I put 1 as default but think this is the root cause.
FYI: this is a server with 2 HD of 3 To in RAID 0 following your tuto.

Thx again :wink:

I think I sould try this today evening: Quota's and commands
the Setdisk command, strange that is not clearly explaiend during or after the install.

Actually, it prints out a short list of available commands after install… setdisk is one such command it shows.

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Indeed after that it works :slight_smile: now I have a plex start issue :frowning: Plex won't start on Ubuntu

I have banged my ■■■■■■■ head for 4 days now! :smiley: ■■■■! I LOVE YOU! Thanks for the video!

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