This is where QuickBox posts announcements for the website, scripts, or forum. These announcements range from timeline discussion and feature introductions in QuickBox as well as changes to both the website and forums.

Updates and Fixes

This is where QuickBox will post fixes to any reported issues within the QuickBox script and GUI. If you have any findings and would like to submit them, please use the support category.

Off Topic & General Discuss

Share, discuss and shoot the breeze with fellow community members.

QuickBox Support

Post here to get help with QuickBox. In addition to this support category there will be a Wiki setup in the coming weeks. We will be using all submitted queries to further compile the QuickBox support pages.

Suggestions & Feedback

Suggest new features or changes to QuickBox to help improve the script. Additionally, any feedback on certain areas may be expressed. Any and all suggestions and feedback received is greatly appreciated and weighed for addition and/or consideration.


Please post any bug reports here. If you find something that is not functioning as it should be, it is more than likely a bug. Please keep in mind, this is not a support category.


The QuickBox Wiki is a community controlled forum for information, tips, tricks and more that pertain to QuickBox and the attached QuickBox eco-system. Posts are user-contributed and edits will be reviewed via moderation changelogs. Feel free to share and edit!


Want to share your positive experiences with QuickBox? Feel free to share your praise and success stories... we won't stop you.


Here it is, a list of Frequently Asked Questions! This list grows regularly so please check back often should you have any questions in regards to your QuickBox installation.


Topics about getting QuickBox up and running for the first time, and anything you need for installation.


Topics about hosting QuickBox, either on your own servers, in the cloud, or with specific hosting services and environements.


Security is an important issue that any server administrator will and must confront in their time managing a server, it's processes and it's local ecosystem... be it users, files and/or both. Use this category for any and all discussions relevant to server and internet security.

Customization & Special Requests

A place to post all customization and special requests. If you are looking to have any part of the QuickBox script replaced, adjusted or modified, please post your requests within this category.