Hetzner Quickbox Support Installation

Hello all, this is my first time using Hetzner dedicated server.
I follow this tutorial to get a Raid 0 and it successful.

Then I proceed to install quickbox script. All running well. At the end the script will ask for reboot right.
Then I reboot, I try to connect my ssh to port 4747 and the terminal said, CONNECTION TIME OUT
Then I try port 22, CONNECTION REFUSED
I try to visit the quickboard dashboard using my dedicated ip but nothing happen. I got this error in google chrome, ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT

The best things is I try to ping my dedicated server and get response.
But why I cant access putty port 4747, and also the dashboard ? Sorry ya, this is first time using hetzner dedicated, maybe I miss something. Please share your experience.

Ah, forgot to mention, I found there are firewall at hetzner dashboard, Should I change it ? or just leave them ?

Leave the firewall off
But please try a server reboot in robots panel

The current firewall is activated. I have found the solutions is by deactivate the firewall, and I can access the quickbox dashboard and also ssh port 4747. Thats all the solutions for Hetzner Dedicated Server.

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