Setting up an SSH Tunnel for Plex


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So, you have installed Plex and logged in via http://_yourserver_ip:32400/web/ and found that it is not reading your seedbox’s Plex Media Server. This can be frustrating but is an easy remedy with a little bit of work. Installing Plex The Problem After installing, you login to your fresh new Plex only to find that your…

Setting up an SSH Tunnel for Plex

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Entry updated. That segment has been added as a final thought.


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Is there a guide for us without Putty? (OSX)

Edit: ssh -p 4747 [email protected] -L 8888:localhost:32400 worked in Terminal.


Instead of using a Tunnel to get remote access to your PMS, install X2Go on your server, which is already provided in the plugin manager :slight_smile:


Thanks @Titte95! This i something that will be updated on this wiki. It is an open Wiki entry so anyone can feel free to include this step any time :wink: :wink:


You are a godsend! Thank you for this as I use a Mac.