Request for Radarr

Would like to request Radarr

Radarr is Sonnar, but for movies.

On the same token, there maybe an interested in Watcher. However, personally I like Radarr better.

Thank you.

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Get the following error after the > box install radarr:

Installing radarr

chown: invalid spec: ‘pastadmin:’
sed: can’t read /home/rumiat/.config/Radarr/config.xml: No such file or directory
sed: can’t read /home/rumiat/.config/Radarr/config.xml: No such file or directory

I would assume it’s due to the pastadmin user not existing on your server. Looks like @PastaGringo left some user traces in that script.

chown -R pastadmin: /opt/Radarr/
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Thanks for this.

I’m not going to move from CouchPotato just yet. I want to see what other people think first and see if the project stays alive for at least a few months.

You’re right @JMSolo :slight_smile: I updated the script.

It’s OK for you now?

I think Radarr will “take the lion part” (french expression) regarding the movies download.
When Radarr will release their first master release, everyone will migrate! :wink:

What’s the story with Radarr? Were people not happy with CouchPotato?

Very interesting.

Everything seems to work fine but If I go to it’s just a blank screen with Radarr ver. text

There was no output on install. Just making sure that is correct.

shawn:~# box install radarr
Installing radarr


@valkyre14 Nope. I use CP since few years now, it’s doing his job most of the time but there is some bugs that really annoying me (can’t download automatically even with all settings correctly set, movies are not marked as down when they are downloaded, etc.)

Now a team has forked Sonarr, which works really good, to create Radarr.
I tested it and I love it ! (and you will :D)

@Shawn, regarding your issue, could you look if you have the base URL in the /.config/Radarr/config.xml file ?

=> <UrlBase>radarr</UrlBase>

I’m assuming it uses mono?

Yes, as Sonarr :slight_smile: an issue with mono ?

no not really, just gives me shivers when I see .exe :slight_smile:

.exe pays the bills :wink:

Radarr is working?

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No it does not.


I have added it in now but I am still getting the same issue of just “Radarr Ver.” on a white bg

Did you restart Radarr with sudo systemctl restart radarr ?

Of course I didn’t. Didn’t know as I am a newb.
Of course its working now. YAY.

Thanks a bunch

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Don’t worry :wink: Have fun!

Great job!

I love Ombi/Radarr/Sonarr trio!

I miss that:

Permit to install Radarr from the Package Management Center
Create custom menu link (you need to access to the radarr URL directly)
Permit to enable/stop Radarr from the Service Control Center

Works very great so far, you should launch this plugin in production :wink:

Hello @Reynald,

Indeed it seems the install and remove script are OK now.
But Radarr is still in development right now, so there is no production release version yet (and changes could happen). Fully integrate an application into QuickBox isn’t really easy (mostly to deal with the Web UI integration) but it’s possible. I’m waiting to see if there will be “core” modifications into QuickBox to be sure that the package will be fully fonctionnal :slight_smile:



OK, I undertand. I’ve integrated Radarr in the custom menu and everything is working perfectly.

Your scripts look good and work fine!


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