QuickBox Pro?


Thank you @liza, and good to hear from you :slight_smile:


Well said and much deserved.


I just want to give my opinion, I subscribed to this pro version because I share my server with some friends, I have unfortunately no very deep knowledge under linux, and I must say, that in terms of support, I was very well accompanied for the launch, I had a personalized support even for fairly basic questions.

I find, therefore, that the polemic on the price is not justified; to the extent that, the simple version is free for ages. We say in France “All job merits wages !!” Thank you for the support, courage for the future, and congratulations for the work.


So the subscrption was stopped “out of stock” ? I prepared my server to the pro version :slight_smile:


We are currently working to resolve an issue with our email system. QuickBox Pro will return to the marketplace once these underlying issues are resolved. Thank you everyone for your patience and the tremendous amount of support! Please be patient while we address a few things.


If given the option for monthly payments. :slight_smile:
because we are not as providers seedbox.
and what if it’s been a year but we don’t extend the license?


I’m not sure to be honest @jmsolo would have the answer for that hopefully.


i cant access the announcements about the update that will fix the issues with current version, it says im not allowed to view the topic?


You do have access to the QuickBox Pro board @gjm . What error message are you getting ?


Exactly! And good to hear from you @liza!

$40 is the cost of a few starbucks. this project is worth so much more.


The license affords you these things:

  1. 1 Year of hands-on support via Private IRC, Private Forum, and/or Private Ticketing. It’s essentially having priority support.
  2. 1 Year of updates.

Without a valid license, no updates will be received to your server and priority support ends.

Hopefully this answers you. :smiley:


Hello, when did we will be able to buy the Pro Version ? It’s out of stock

PS : There is an “Invalid Request” when i try to connect.


I think it has to do with @BIF post above. I’m sure they’ll update us once the issue has been resolved.


Hello, no news for 7 days now :frowning: , the log in is lagging and no news about the problem.


News will come. Right now, the first round of QuickBox Pro users are helping to identify some underlying issues. Once there are some elements ironed out. It will be released once more, I am hoping this happens today.

I don’t know what this means…


hi. So I want to get quickbox Pro (when it is available), try a more complicated setup on a test server (one of the hetzner servers that can be cancelled for free in 14 days) and then move to a new server once I know how to do the setup. Can I use one licence for this since I will only ever be running quickbox pro on one machine at a time.


Quote from @JMSolo ^^


Hello, i’m talking about this problem : http://prntscr.com/jd4fgz who arrived when i click on log in on this page : https://quickbox.io/log-in/?redirect_to=%2F%3Fsso%3Dbm9uY2U9NmY5ZDA3Y2U5OWU4NWQwM2RiODJjOTdjNmY2N2I3YjQmcmV0dXJuX3Nzb191cmw9aHR0cHMlM0ElMkYlMkZwbGF6YS5xdWlja2JveC5pbyUyRnNlc3Npb24lMkZzc29fbG9naW4%3D%26sig%3D0722b4c0b016b3134eede236f239e03e497531d0b9b6d8a71c4a3c31acf293f4


Planning to buy the quickbox pro script. Just wondering if it comes with guru install? Or is it a separate purchase?


Yes it does, I bought mine and the staff are currently installing it on my server.