QuickBox Pro?


Well, i’m gonna wait for the 1st of may then. i’d rather donate than susbcribe :slight_smile:


Yeah. Quickbox pro has been released.
But I don’t have new dedicated server hahaha. Wanna play it.


That pricing is super disappointing and in my opinion makes this an elitist piece of software rather than an upgrade for the community who wants to support the project. At $45 a year it’s ~$4 a month, you can get low end hosted seedboxes for near that price. I was really wanting to buy this and support the project, but I can’t afford $45 a year :frowning:

Edit: Also if it’s going to be subscription based the subdomain should 100% be part of the package


As this is more for the people providing seedboxs than for people than the ones using cheap servers. We did on many occasions say this is not going to be for everyone and we have also said that it will not mean that the community version will go anywhere.


For seedbox provider?


Wow dtech.
I really hope, that you are only referring to the dns-option, and not the entirety of QuickBoxPro.
Otherwise you guys went corporate way to fast.

The prices are very disappointing. I would like to support this product, and believe a lot of people will, but these prices not community friendly. You are even 35% more expensive then a lifetime Plexpass. Also this sudden move to a subscription based model, even though the opposite was stated, is really uncool. I hope you guys were a little too 4/20 happy, and will try again. You have a great product on your hands, but it is as I see it way overpriced.

Some perspective; a lifetime PlexPass was 74,95 before prices rose in 2014


What ! That’s not a lifetime product for 35€ ???
I was thinking that was just a bug the 1 year subscription, but no…
That price will not be possible for me too for 1 year, that’s crazy,
I bought my plex pass 90€ for lifetime, and i use it for 5 years now, so 35 for one year is really not possible…
We are not professional provider…


So i think you have fail :roll_eyes:, no lifetime and that’s not cheaper than PLEX…:confounded:


My thoughts on the matter
Why are we comparing QB Pro to Plex Pass?
Plex is a streaming service. QuickBox is more than just a seedbox service.
QB Pro is targeted seedbox providers or small resellers looking for a management system for their users.

Our Community version have been open source and used by thousand of users. This aims to please the need for a server management system and offers a wide range of applications and services.

QuickBox being open source also means that legitimate seedbox providers offers our service. Free of charge. At least we don’t get a penny for a feature they might charge extra for. When their users experience problems they direct their questions to us.

With QB Pro comes a server management system targeted those exact providers and resellers. This does not mean that private users are excluded from the service.

We don’t force any users to QB Pro. The Community version is and will always be free and open source.

If you are the only one using the server, do you really have the need for QB Pro?
Or do you share access to your server and provide a shared seedbox with some friends, then QB Pro might be an option for you as you will have an option to administer single users


A full of good information.
When one man need a quickbox pro and complaining about the price that crazy hahaha


Thanks @bate could not have said better myself :hugs:


I’m going for this, it’s definitely on my bucket list.

Just like @bate said, I think the free version is good enough for me as I’m the only one using the system. But just to support @JMSolo I’m going to buy this in about 3 months ( moving to a new house, shrinks my resources ). And I like the whole reinvented dashboard :smiley:


I guess I was a little perplexed by the statements made above. I mistakenly thought this was a community upgrade, aimed for those of us wishing to support this project and gaining some extra features. Re-reading the announcement thread I can see how many may have thought the same. But who cares - good luck with the sales and thank you for a great product :grinning:


Actually, before this gets out of hand. The pricing structure is for one year. Not everyone will agree with this and it was a hard decision to make. This is a work-in-progress, and it’s a lot of work. The system will only get better, therefore, $45/yr ($35 special pricing till May) seems fair. A lifetime license option will be available soon.

Additionally, for our current members using QuickBox Community.
There will be an upgrade path provided within the week. This will be coupled by a (permanent) discount on licenses. It will only be available for those currently using QuickBox Community. There will be more details posted around this soon.

It is, again, understandable that not everyone agrees with this option. However, this is the option we present and it’s up for discussion in the coming weeks. Community will continue to receive updates and additions, although, it will not support the rich set of tools that Pro provides and will continue to develop.

There was an overwhelming amount of support during yesterdays launch. Currently, those with the initial release are working with me directly and hands-on to address a few issues, both with the order process, as well as anything that is occurring within the install itself. until some of these issues are addressed, QuickBox Pro has been limited in sales. This is only for today, as it will return once these minor issues are resolved.

Thank you everyone for your understanding and support. We want all of our members to be happy and we’ll (staff) have some ongoing debates over how to best please everyone… even with Community still be available, it’s understandable that some may want to move to Pro for the other benefits it does provides.


I’m not necessarily against the pricing structure but I’m really not seeing the support to justify it yet. (It’s early days I know).
Plenty of the stuff on the knowledge base will be unusable in QB pro which is a real turn off to me.


That’s due to the support for it being in various forms, all private to Pro users.

  1. A private forum here for those members to discuss and post issues as well as receive support.
  2. A private IRC channel for Pro users

I am already working hands on with all the users whom have purchased this early release. This involves via Private tickets on the site, through chat, as well as the private forum. I am certain they are all happy, and I am very appreciative of their feedback as it is giving key insights to certain issues and logistical growing pains.

The knowledge base is something that is going to be provided (for Pro) this next week. This is also why it has been segmented and the Community Version has been added as a parent item, specifically for Community; Pro will have the same addition. As it stands, the dashboard, on every page comes with information on what exactly each field/item does.


Sounds like a good way to go, and I will defiantly keep my eye out for this. What prompted my previous post was dtech’s post here:

But I’ll cool it for a bit, and see what’s in store for this upgrade. It is understandable that there are a lot of things to take into account and not everyones needs can be met. Congrats on the release and sorry for getting myself kicked/banned from your IRC :joy: Oh, and thanks for looking into my Ombi issue JMSolo.

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@JMSolo I have been reading up on the pro version and wondered if the setup has to start all over again does that include the tuning too, I have touched nothing on my setup over the years, you have sorted tuning, domain name etc, will the pro version offer the same set up? I think the price is slightly high too but I am one of those people that would need upgraded support if things went wrong.


I’m breaking my long silence here because I honestly find a large portion of the replies in this thread to be jaw-droppingly out of line.

JMSolo has stated that this is largely intended to be a commercial solution and you are getting private support included with the license. At the rates I charge, $35 for private support for an entire year would justify that price alone (in fact, there’s not a snowball’s chance in hell you’d ever see me offer a similar rate with no cap on the amount of support you could expect in return). Emails and tickets can be extremely time consuming to respond to – especially when answering in depth.

What I see lacking in this thread is a respect for his time. Jason has been working on this project for over a year and when it finally does come to light, you have the gall to tell him what his own time is worth to him? Shameful. I can tell you outright that behavior like this is what makes developers stop wanting to contribute their time to “free” and “open” community projects. These projects aren’t raking in mad dough, they are essentially hobbies that we have devoted large amounts of time to.

If you don’t think the price of the service is worth $35 a year, then don’t pay it and don’t receive the product. It’s a simple as that. If you don’t like it, then no one is stopping you from learning Linux, PHP and Bash to code your own solution and release it to the general public for free.

Or do you value your own time more than that of some internet stranger?

If you are a company (which I hope none of you are), then $35 a year is nothing.

If you are a single user, this is probably not the right product for you.

If you’re looking to share your server with some friends, ask them to split the cost of a license with you – I wouldn’t call it overly unreasonable.

If you find the burden of supplying a free slot to your buddies too much with the added cost of the management console, then ask them for compensation in return. Just don’t turn around and tell the dev that that’s his problem instead.