QuickBox Pro?


The reason I’m using this script is because it is free… We have to pay for the servers already
Hope the the free version doesn’t get abandoned


Well aware people already have to pay for servers. It’s understandable, as QuickBox Pro will not be for everyone (may not be their cup of tea). The Community version, as expressed already, will continue to receive updates as needed, may even port over some of Pro’s features, who knows.


Today, that will be a good day :slight_smile:


First thing I did this morning when i woke up was to check the Quickbox website. Will sit here refreshing all day long! :smiley:


I do that everyday!!! :stuck_out_tongue:
We’ll be putting out at 4:20PM CST … because, you know, 4:20 and all. :heart:


At 12:20 in France :grin:
My mouse will crash :joy:


420!?? I thought this was a family friendly christian project! /s

GJ on getting this far though


4:20 AM, right? :wink:

So that would be around 11:20 PM CEST if I’m correct. My body is ready! :slight_smile:


TIMMMMMEEEEEE OUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


No, it’s 11 hours to go (4:20 PM CST would be 23:20 CEST, which is the current timezone in your country if I’m counting right).


PM shit :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:
I just saw 4:20 ahahahahah


One-time payment ? It says “per year” on the pro purchase page :confused:


We’re still working on the subscription/lifetime variables. Basically, running tests against options at the moment.


The price displayed is real or that’s just a test ??


It is a real price, yes. :smiley:


Outch :joy: Okey :sweat_smile:
I will buy only to support your hardwork ! :wink:
Sry BF5 and BO4 but JmSolo is better :yum:


Running some final tests and fixes, everybody hang in there! It’s coming very soon! now enjoy this 420 moment!!!


It’s now live! There is a lot to still be done, but I am going to work incredibly hard to get some additional issues addressed. We are also to be setting up Private Forums and Private channels on our IRC for QuickBox Pro members. Be on the lookout for those exciting details!

Thank you tremendously everyone for your support. I am so grateful for our wonderful community and team. There is still a lot of work to be done and this is only the beginning. We have a long and adventuress road ahead!


Also, check out the web chat for those without IRC clients


Well, while i’m glad for your achievements, i regret seeing it’s subscription based :frowning:


It’s understandable, but it’s a decision that was made as a team. The license will be on a yearly term and comes with private dedicated support as well. There will be lifetime options available as of May 1st.