QuickBox Pro?

Is quickbox pro can be used for multiple servers? How many?

1 licence=1 server.

as for the Lifetime licence as far as i know that means you can reinstall just only one licence per server. and i know @JMSolo will correct me if I’m wrong. as for the price it should be lot cheaper than plex pro :wink:

Auch that hurt if we have many server.

1 license = 1 server…
Plex lifetime is for many servers.
I have 4 servers , only one with quickbox for the moment, and if that’s 1 lience per server i will never buy it…

Why don’t you propose packs for many servers ?
With discounts for much servers…

plex also cost almost $120
that being said we still are trying to figure out how we are going to price things. we might be able to do a bulk for discount but that’s something QB staff need to discuss and figure out.
@JMSolo what do you think of bulk discount ?

the biggest reason i see for the 1-to-1 (one key to one server) is that what would keep someone from buying and then reselling the same setup for someone else and then we never get any installs and or income from it.

I understand, That’s why I offered to charge a price for a number of servers :wink:

Will the key be a one-time use locked the the server it is originally activated on? Or will it be only one server able to use the key at a time? If its going to be locked to one server I couldn’t see myself paying for pro.

SO from my understanding is that say you buy pro then you can install and or we can. then say you decide to upgrade to a better server you let us know what key it is and we deactivate the current one and or reactivate it for the install but the key will only work on one server at one time. meaning that you wont be able to install the same key on every server you own unless we make it a VL which I am still not sure we will be doing that.

The product will be lunch in 3 days, what’s the price ?

There will be an offer for the first purchase ?

Let me address a few things, as this is getting slightly out of hand with users demanding a certain business model be presented to benefit their needs.

That is the Plex business model, we are not Plex. Just because Plex is doing something one way, doesn’t mean all other SAAS providers should do the same. You have every right to not use it. I also request that you keep comments civil. Just because you don’t agree with something, doesn’t mean you have to blast your disapproval of it. Additionally, as @dtech_banned stated, a plex lifetime pass is also 100+ USD.

Maybe this is something we are already considering. I have been seeing a lot of your comments on the forums on specific posts, and they are awfully presumptuous and fueled by assumptions, rather than facts. There is going to be a more broad announcement before launch that expresses everything. How about using a bit of patience, forcing/demanding prompt replies will get you nothing satisfactory in the way of answers, in short, stop being pushy or risk pushing this back for the community. Questions will be answered in time (as already expressed). The more I have to stop development and testing to moderate your replies, the less time I have on actual development, so keep this in mind, and try to be respectful.

This is exactly it! We have seen a lot of fly-by-night seedbox companies piggy backing on QuickBox. They are making money off a product they had no part in creating, maintaining, or troubleshooting. This is an aim to end that. This is a means to additionally, protect the community as whole from using “shady” dealers. If anyone is offended by a license per server offering, then you’re probably mad that this effects your overall profit margins.

It is locked per users email on the order. At any time the key can be deactivated and then reactivated on another server. It’s not permanently locked to any specific IP or server… it can be toggled to a new server. Open a ticket on your order, we deactivate, then you simply reactivate on a new server.

Out of curiosity, why would that deter you? I don’t see why such a common SAAS model would prevent anyone with a single server from wanting to use it, simply due to the fact they can only use it on one server.

Again, I appreciate your questions, but you are starting to get a little too pushy on this thread. Please, I respectfully ask you to tone it down and respect the process. There will be answers to your questions before launch.

I do appreciate everyone’s replies and I am sincerely trying to make this an offering that everyone can enjoy and come to a mutual understanding on. There are many services and products out there that are based on a model of 1 license = 1 server/application. This is nothing new. Unless I get specific reasons as to why this is a turn off for some people, I will continue down the current path. Simply stating you don’t like the idea and simply will not support is not reason enough, and in my experience, (please don’t take this the wrong way, simply an observation) this is due to people wanting to bypass and utilize a service on multiple platforms without paying the developers/maintainers for their work.

Again, more answers are coming, please be respectful and understand that there is not a massive team of developers behind QuickBox, at the moment, it’s just me… just keep this in mind. :heart:


which makes me said cuz i wish i was good at programming, but I am far better at breaking it then making it :slight_smile:

I know many users might not like the setup because it cost money but as many people who order the guru installs know we far beyond earn every cent. We work hard and we will continue to do so Our staff at QuickBox might not have many people which we always looking for help, but we strive to make something people can count on and rely on. @JMSolo works hard at making a FUI that people can enjoy using at ease and that is exactly what it is. I played with the setup a bit a while ago i need to retest out everything but I had little to nothing bad to say about the setup it worked flawless and was beautiful.

As @JMSolo has said more than once this QB pro will not make the free repo go away in any way this is more a way to accompany both types of users those who want to enjoy a all in one server (Comunity QuickBox) and the (Pro ver) which is aimed for more beautiful management of multi user setups though can be used as a single user.

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I completely agree with what you said, I was just oppressive since the release date was fast approaching and we had no real pricing information, application management and especially license terms and conditions.
I think it is perfectly normal that this project should become profitable given the even higher than high level it has reached.
The only thing I still don’t understand is why I don’t have a system in place to detect commercial uses such as recording the IP of the server on which it is installed and thus disable remote scripting.
All this in order to avoid abuse and make the script benefit the community knowing that there is no misuse.

This is tangentially related but would there be any chance of getting a guide on how to configure a cloudflare CDN with Quickbox Pro soon after the release date.
I’d really like to get that functioning if possible.

the box install letsencrypt the way with community addition.
as for the CDN it still would work but you would use the cert they use, though not sure if @jmsolo made a ver for the pro yet… I had a few drinks so forgive me if i am making no sense but i will say the CDN for the torrent part would be scary to be honest CDN is more for public things as for what i know like video and imgs

Yeah I should have specified, I meant for plex only.
I have no desire to route any other traffic through cloudflare, however my ping to my server is just not acceptable hence why I really need to work that out before buying.

Congratulations for this new pro version, good luck for the launch.

Greetings from France.



I have no problem with the One licence per server, I think that is reasonable and realistic expectation.

Will there always be a need for a ticket to be opened or our key to get deactivated?

Could there be a way in the future where we would be allowed to deactivate installs in the future possibly via a control panel on the Quickbox site?

Example Problem Case: I want to upgrade from Server A to Server B, I purchase Server B but now I will have to wait till you respond to a ticket before I can reinstall, on a good day you get back to me in minutes, on a bad day everyone is asleep and it could be 8+ hours before we get a response.

This could be considered a small concern because its not often people are going to be moving servers but it is something that will hopefully be considered.

I can’t wait to see how the pricing structure gets announced on the 20th and what the future has for the project.


This is one of the things we are thinking on. Once we launch would havke lot more time but right now we been pretty busy.