QuickBox Pro?


Do you know if it will be subscription or a one-time fee yet?

Thanks for the question @Chromeback! This is something I do know for sure and completely spaced in the article.

It will be a one-time payment per license

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Looking forward to QB Pro. Thanks for all the time and work you have put into this :slight_smile:

Is there going to be an update option from community to PRO?

how much it is ?

As stated in the article:

As per the price and logistics of delivery, there are still some details between now and the 20th that need to be ironed out.

I assure you though, this is something that is currently under discussion and once these details are established, the info will be shared. :heart:

Sounds great to me, especially with the nginx backend which will make using cloudflare a breeze.

Instead of cloudflare ? it is not breeze ?

Will the current Community version continue to be maintained or it will be obsolete?

Community version will absolutely continue to receive updates.

At the moment, the two are setup completely different. In the future, once the dust settles, I will begin work on an upgrade option. No ETA on this at the moment however, but I do understand that some have a rather seasoned install of QuickBox and want to take advantage of Pro, without having to completely reinstall and lose data. Therefore, I do understand the importance of this and a proper path will be sought asap.

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The biggest problem that i see doing this is that like before when we changed the whole file format where everything went then things broke and we dont want to do that to our users again.
As we are always wanting our users to be confident in using our setups, we want to make sure that its not going to break things.

Hi JMSolo

First of all, awesome work youre doing with Quickbox

Will it be possible to move the desktop in the Pro version from port 80 to f.ex. port 8080 or another port (Like Plex uses port 31400), in that way port 80 can be used for the www/homepages instead of using VHOST ?

Will the autodl-irssi be updated to the newest version (Version [2.3.0) ?

Will the Quicbox script be installing Postfix, Dovecut and Roundcube in the future ?

Could be nice to let the user decide what to do when installing :slight_smile:


Looking forward for more changelogs for quickbox pro.

Hi @Gaio, thank you for the questions! let me address these the best I can.

This will not be necessary as QuickBox Pro now utilizes Nginx as it’s web-server. Thus, writing reverse for specific directories to display under varying sub.doma.in will be much easier. However, I do understand there is greater things requested, such as the ability to setup front-facing websites, at the moment, this is not the focus and it is at the users discretion and own skill that this be done. I will add that this is something I sincerely would like to build into QuickBox Pro eventually. :wink:

There is currently a means to update this on the Community Version, but in regards to your question, yes!

Sendmail is currently the best use-case for sending mails via the system. Again, with my first reply above, adding in these additional packages is not currently something in the pipeline. Do feel free to drop your ideas at #suggestions-feedback.

That’s the idea! :smiley:

This might be a bit of a rambling question, but I liked what I read, and am actually considering getting QB pro for my next server, but a quick question, would the guru installs also apply to QB pro? And with the purchase of said guru install, is it possible to have a guru setup a domain name as well, or configure rather… I’m a bit slow with these things and it literally took me two days to get all of that working on my current server, but if that’s not possible, you know what they say, if it ain’t broken don’t fix it, haha…

Thanks for the question @archa3us!

QuickBox Pro will have the additional options on the market. These are:

  1. Guru Install
  2. DNS for some-name-you-choose.quickbox.io
  3. ((Possibly)) Rclone automation install – available by 5/1 at the latest still need to rewrite the script dtech (edited)

Additionally, there will be the following bonuses to QuickBox Pro members:

  1. Private Forum access
  2. Forum member ranking bump to member. (This currently either happens over time with your account and activity, or via donation… being a member removes ads from site and forums as well!)
  3. Private on-site (quickbox.io) account ticketing support.

Will I still have to have version 16.04 of Ubuntu or can I have a more current one?

I really want to see all the details of the PRO version…

Thanks so much JMSolo por this awesome work!

Given that Quickbox has no uninstall option, will I be able to install this over my current quickbox installation?
I don’t mind losing settings etc however the one thing that would turn me off buying it would be having too do an install on a fresh OS and losing my files.

Sorry for that , but at this time, he answered that you will need to make a frash install because the system is really different.

We dont’t know the price and we don’t know if it will be a lifetime licence and if we will be able to use on 2 servers. I hope…