Plex - "Service Unavailable" on New Install

Redoing my seedbox, and I’ve tested Quickbox on other VPS before with no issues.

After installing plex from the Default Administration Page, it shows up in the installed programs list, but it has a “red dot” beside it and the option to enable/disable is grayed out.

When I attempt to click the link to go to the Plex Web Admin page, I’m asked for a username/password like you are the first time you go to the Quickbox WebAdmin Page. I enter that, which I assume is the same that I used to login to the Quickbox Admin page, and I immediately get a
"Service Unavailable

The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.

Apache/2.4.18 (Ubuntu) Server at Port 31400"

I know that I need to create a tunnel, which I’ve done many times, but it appear the service isn’t even running or installed. I am really confused. Any ideas? I can’t seem to figure this one out .


There is an issue with Plex, you need to reinstall it.
You should read this topic : Plex server missing?
And this one to claim the server : Setting up an SSH Tunnel for Plex

I did notice an issue with the Dashboard installer wherein it was producing this error. Do the following and you should be golden.

  1. From ssh as sudo or better type box remove plex to remove Plex
  2. After removing Plex, now type box install plex. If it seems to freeze for a bit, just hit the ENTER key once on your keyboard and then wait for it to finish up.
  3. Ensure Plex is running by typing systemctl status plexmediaserver

Following that path, you should be good to go without issue.

What I ended up doing yesterday before anyone posted is deleting the install of plex in ssh, then reinstalling from the .deb on

After doing that, then “installing” plex from the WebUI, Plex started to show a green icon in the WebUI and everything has been fine since. It’s a really strange issue becasue as I said, I’ve practiced this installation numerous times on digital ocean droplets, and it always went with a breeze.

It’s been a bit of a pain on my Hetzner box though, even though I’m running the same version of ubuntu.

Likewise, I have encountered more anomalous behavior using Hetzner machines than any other provider. Glad you got this sorted. :smile:

I have now done it, and i seems in the webgui to run and in terminal it says
_Active: active (running) since Wed 2017-01-25 22:32:29 CET; 11s ago

But should i refresh Plex Requests?
and how to i add patch so i can see the files on my PS4 when i login?

Is your query for PlexRequests? This is a solved Plex Media Server problem. :wink:

Okay :slight_smile: so i can deativate it?

but can i login via webgui and make my plex from local to open? or du i have to make a ssh tunnel first?

Check out this Wiki on how to set yourself up for success on claiming your Plex server.

Thats way work to :slight_smile: Thanks