Need help to make this work. plex multi user folders

so have plex working thanks to plex wiki
but now i want to add files you it for each user as guest in main account

so i want plex to be able to get into
examples :

then it would allow master account to share what is in lib per user with plex sharing with friends.
this would make it where all the admin would need is the user’s email to share their lib with them.
rather than having to figure out how to run plex for each user and then them complain because they have no clue how to set it up.

This can already be done by default with Plex. It does require a Premium Plex account however. I don’t think you can setup multiple users on a Plex Free account.

Your idea is good, it would simply require the host of the system to manage setting up the accounts to said users directories with their given email address, then having them assign pin/passwords to their “guest” accounts to avoid anyone waltzing into their library. Additional to this, there would need to be multiple Libraries setup. So, user1TV, user1Movies … etc etc. and them only having access to those libraries for reading and writing.

It’s not a bad plan, it just requires manual intervention. Of course, if you only have 3 friends on a server… this is a simple task, then the 3 of you simply split the cost of the Premium Pass. They are only $4.99/monthly and $39.99/yearly.

plex by default will not go into anyones home dir it’s can’t it’s not root or sudo

That is correct. Plex defaults to the root of an install. As I said, you will need to manually place libraries to match libraries in users directories.

Plex if installed as root, has the ability to add any directory anywhere… however, this would be the server admins job to add these libraries manually.

Forcing it to go to a /home directory automatically after install would mean it might as well just be built in to where newly created users have a jailed instance of Plex. This would also spare the owner of the server from having to have a Premium Plex Pass.