Meet QuickBox 'Smoked'!



When you update you will see the update/repo path listed as; whereas, the new pulls will come from If you installed a month ago, I can 100% guarantee that you are on the retired repos. Another indicator is, of course, the theme resetting after update.


Yup, that’s the case. How do i go about fixing it?


Check out this super boring post I put up. About halfway down you’ll see the instructions. If it seems too much, just PM me and I will gladly help you on the right path. :slight_smile:

I link this article and not the Readme or the FAQ on the site, as it explains the “Why?”


Thank you very much. All up to date now. I’ll actually keep up on the announcements next time, instead of a set it and forget it mentality. tyty!


QuickBox is still very much (in all technicality) a beta solution, thus, there is to be many many more adjustments and changes… now that we’re aback on schedule… massive updates can happen as often as twice a week. All for the name of science! … and a better QuickBox. :stuck_out_tongue:



I’ve just update to the github repo, and then upgraded QB.

BTW, I have an error when I try to go smoked:

[00:00 [email protected] home] > git init
fatal: Not a git repository: /srv/rutorrent/home/…/.git/modules/dashboard

I’ve already tried to remove the .git directory. why the home/…/.git ?

Any idea please?


Are you doing this in the /srv/rutorrent/home directory?

cd /srv/rutorrent/home
rm -rf .git

After git init you need to pull the repo to the initialized .git.

git init
git remote add -t \* -f origin

###Ah ha moment
I just realized that I have activated a method to which you can run this via the box upgrade.

You can add a .smoked.lock which the updater (if it dicovers the theme lock) will port in the needed theme assets. You can add this lock by doing

printf "" > /srv/rutorrent/home/db/.smoked.lock

If you want the default theme back then do:

rm -f /srv/rutorrent/home/db/.smoked.lock

Then add the ‘defaulted’ lock file and run the update.

printf "" > /srv/rutorrent/home/db/.defaulted.lock

I’ve built these in for an addition to the dashboard to swap themes… (that’s coming soon)


Yes I was doing in the right directory.

BTW, I’ve just tested and succeed the .smocked.lock method: it’s working flawlessly after restart apache2.service and refresh (ctrl+f5) my browser!

Thank you very much, now I can appreciate and enjoy this great work!


Awesome! Thank you heeps for confirming that method is working. I will update the OP to reflect this method (much easier)


Great, May I simplify a little bit more? (with a single line command)

Select smocked:
rm -f /srv/rutorrent/home/db/.defaulted.lock || touch /srv/rutorrent/home/db/.smoked.lock && box upgrade && systemctl restart apache2.service

Select defaulted:
rm -f /srv/rutorrent/home/db/.smoked.lock || touch /srv/rutorrent/home/db/.defaulted.lock && box upgrade && systemctl restart apache2.service


Absolutely! I will add this as a one line command (obviously once I push this to the dashboard this wont matter). I keep the lines separated initially to explain the process to those that want to understand it.

sending incremental file list
rsync: link_stat "/root/QuickBox/themes/smoked/*" failed: No such file or direory (2)
rsync error: some files/attrs were not transferred (see previous errors) (code3) at main.c(1183) [sender=3.1.1]

getting this error.


Are you on the new GitHub repository?


Not sure. How do i update my box to the new repo?



Is the new change reflected in the install line from quickbox’s main page? For the first time ever I’m getting errors when trying to install. It went thru its install at first then complained that quickbox folder was already installed and present. I deleted it and it reran, but the script threw up errors again but still allowed intall. Installing now and will test if its functional.


apt-get -y update; apt-get -y upgrade; apt-get -y install git lsb-release;
git clone --recursive QuickBox &&
bash ~/QuickBox/setup/quickbox-setup

I would say so, yes


Wonder where the new errors come from? Maybe its just my install.


What does the log file say


Please follow the FAQ that has been placed, this information has been in the README as well as the article that @bate linked earlier.