Downgrading rtorrent?

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Moved topic to Feature Request. Ability to downgrade rtorrent to basic packages, as well as upgrade if needed.

  1. 0.9.6
  2. 0.9.4
  3. 0.9.3

I currently have rtorrent 0.9.6 and would like to downgrade to 0.9.5 or lower, as some tracker scripts are banning the latest version of rtorrent because of incorrect data reporting.

can someone give advice on how to do this? thanks!

I’m also interested into this. I have also some problem with data reported to tracker…many files reported 200%, 300% or 500% or more data download or uploaded. I also wrote on rtorrent github page. They suggested to add logs to rtorrent.rc.

Anyway, I’m not so sure that is caused by last version of rtorrent. Because many users have no problem.

EDIT: It’s true; many trackers are starting to ban rtorrent 0.9.6 (for example TTG, HDChina, ecc…). Were months that I tried to understand the reason for those errors in reporting statistics :rage:

also interested in this please

indeed also looking for a downgrade of rtorrent and wonder how I can go about doing that.

Note, no one publicly or on the much larger torrent sites has requested a ban on this rtorrent version; I think we should take a moment and look more towards the tracker software as one of the same trackers sends passwords in plain text emails…

HDT is one of the trackers that has issues with rtorrent 0.9.6 as well as HDChina and apparently a few others as well.
So for some this may not pose a problem, but for me this poses a problem. So would still like to know how to easily downgrade as I’m doubtful it will be upgraded in a near future. So please don’t dismiss this question just like that.

A solution is being worked on atm…

Just have a little patience :slight_smile:


Only two sites I heard of said were HDTorrents And HD-China, I just feel if it was a bigger deal why isn’t the r/seedboxes community talking about it, or r/trackers…or hell even 4chan’s PTG group talking about this.

Those trackers are based on NexusPHP source, something that hasn’t been updated since 2014.

I wouldn’t know that, I just learnt of this today wasn’t announced until a few hours ago to my knowledge.
But I wouldn’t be surprised if a few other chinese trackers would follow suit.
As for them being based on NexusPHP not much I can do about that, but if I want to continue to use HDT I will need to find a client they accept. :smile:
As for globbers reply I think I (we) are patient :slight_smile:

I, also, am definitely being patient and appreciate that you guys are willing to take a deeper look into the issue…

yes, it definitely is a problem almost exclusively with the chinese tracker scene, but for those of us who use those trackers frequently, it is unfortunate that most likely their choice of using an outdated tracker, rather than a problem with a torrent client, is forcing those of us with an up to date client to change

edit: i am on multiple other chinese trackers (much smaller than hdchina) with nexusphp and they have done nothing yet… although I don’t want to jinx myself

What ive seen posted on another site -

Apparently when the client receives a bad piece (for any reason) instead of banning the peer that is sending fault data, this client requests the piece FROM THE SAME PEER AGAIN, rejects the bad data, requests the piece, rejects the data, wash, rinse, repeat.

Now also CHDBits and HD-T bans rtorrent 0.9.6.

Same here.

I am looking to use the quickbox script as well - until I realised that the only choice of client is 0.9.6

If you are able to incorporate a choice of versions when installing or a script to downgrade to a previous version of rTorrent after installation that would be great.

You have option to choose other version of rTorrent when installing quickbox at the first time.
This thread is specific for downgrading the version for those who have already installed quickbox.

Didn’t know that. Brilliant! What versions can I choose? (This may be useful to some of the members above that have either forgotten that this is possible - as a last resort)


Thanks for that.

Anyway also on HDB there is a post about this. But there they find a solution on tracker side. This is the post:

For those interested (with the rtorrent 0.9.6 ban on some trackers), we had debugged and solved the problem shortly after opening this thread. The problem was duplicate peer_ids across multiple users. Whether this is the consequence of something rtorrent did with a prng function, intended or not, I don’t know, but the solution was extremely simple.

I won’t go into detail, but our tracker pre-supposed that peer_id was unique and tried to fetch the peer data from the database using only the peer_id. All we did was add another condition to the SQL statement: AND userid = $userid. The userid should already be present because it can be derived from the passkey.

Good news is that there are numerous staff/devs here from various trackers. They (as I am aware and also can see from the post above) are starting to fix an issue on their side. In the meantime. I would think it to be possible to run the QuickBox setup on top of your existing install. From there, you can select the version (0.9.4 for those getting the boot from this bad exchange) and it should build the new/old version on top of your existing install.