Automation For ACD and plex

I’ve got a similar setup running myself, though not with Filebot (internal handling of couchpotato/Sickrage).
When I use hardlinks there (at least in Couchpotato) I notice that every reboot causes the hardlinks to be ‘rechecked’. Caused a lot of extra bandwidth on my system; since it will just read every movie from ACD.

Do you notice something similar?

Can your setup also deal with better versions or propers? Since I mounted my ACD folder read-only in a unionfuse folder (together with the local folder, where everything is stored pre-rclonejob), I’ve got issues that Sickrage can download the better version, but cannot delete the file anymore once it has been uploaded to ACD.

Another question: do you use ENCFS of crypt?

nope… the hardlinks are not links to the cloud they are links to upload the files to the cloud so yeah once they are uploaded the links at least with my setup are removed

Ok, so torrents cannot remain seeding?

no they stay seeding. you i think are using systemlinks not hardlinks

I cant wait to see this support on quickbox :smiley:

it will be added to part of the guru install
as a addon
+5 if i have to configure sick and cp

25$ still not bed… as use for setting up big a$$ library of media 100TB haha

so does guru install support come with it if something happen later on?

well @JMSolo is working hard on his spare time making and revamping the site so it will be added on there but for now people can just contact me as i just made this XD

Signed up just to express interest in this, sounds great!

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I would like to publicly thank @dtech_banned here for installing Quickbox on my hetzner box. He was unfailingly patient with an old duffer like me. Would recommend him to anyone. Thank you very much !!



  • are you using encfs or crypt?
  • Have you solved how to make filebot delete inferior versions when a better one has been downloaded? (using: --conflict auto Override existing media only if new media is better0
  • BTW: why don’t you use inotify instead of timed rclone uploads?

using rclone
with crypt
so that i dont have to explain again XD

I tried to use the guide you posted but for some reason i cannot get Plex to see my files. Im using acd_cli and encfs. All the files i put in unencrypted show up in encrypted with the random file name okay. Under Plex i selected ‘cloud drive’ but the other folders i put in there like movies’ dont show up on the Plex ie, just the ‘cloud drive’. I cant view sub categories.

Where exactly should i be putting the files when i upload them to Amazon?

Is there an easy guide for setting this up on Hetzner? Is it easier with rclone instead? Thanks!

rclone is not used to set up servers it is used to upload to acd i dont know anything about acd_cli other than it is unreliable.
and yes use the search on here
looks like this

search the wiki
located at the top of the screen

also like to note never really posted a guide and never ever have i used acd and or made or shared guides for it.

In your post it shows a setup guide? I guess it’s an advert of some kind for a guide then idk? This shows up …

Building an infinite Plex Media Server using Amazon Cloud Drive — For average…

Recently I followed AMC’s Tutorial on how to build a PMS using ACD, the write up outlined the general gist of how to do it and what you… ’

I didnt mean using rclone to setup my server i did that months ago. Im talking about getting acd linked with Plex via some method. Which method would you suggest if acd_cli is unreliable? Thanks

using rclone rclone is like acd_cli but better

Have you tried adding the mount to a directory that is owned by the user:group plex?
(example) /home/plex

You need to set the umask in the mount. I’ll pull up mine in the morning.

What’s the benefit of using Filebot for renaming when both CP and SR support renaming? And rutorrent can hardlink to another folder with autotools.

so the point at least with doing my way is that there is no settings to mess with nothing to learn other than how to add torrents
everything else is handled.