Automation For ACD and plex



In my case, the files are renamed before being uploaded to acd. I guess they could be downloaded to specific folders that CP and SR look at and then the files are copied to a directory structure before being uploaded. I never had CP and SR rename after its uploaded to ACD…everything is renamed before being uploaded. as @dtech_banned said, it’s just a one shop stop…filebot handles movies and tv shows and unrars, pulls extras, can trigger plex refreshes if I wanted it to. Filebot has a plex naming format in it. It’s a pretty smart program.


oh yeah i guess i could have mentioned filebot can so so much XD as in email you when it is done with things notify plex to update when needed… lots of things it can do. but yeah… lol


With my current setup I use auto-tools to hardlink the files to a ‘complete’ folder’ and rutorrent to unrar. I then point CP and SR to the complete folder for renaming and copy the renamed files to the union-fuse folder for upload to acd. Both CP and SR will send a notification to Plex to trigger a library update.

I haven’t had any issues with this setup. I thought maybe filebot would add functionality that I didn’t have but it doesn’t really looks like it. To each his own I guess.


Think I accidentally posted this to the wrong thread earlier, trying to get it in the right place.

@dtech_banned I have a rather large library on ACD already that is unencrypted and don’t really feel compelled to encrypt it, is there a version of the script for us non crypt users?


You are seeding data you have saved in the cloud? That is the way, your phrasing makes that sentence sound.

seems like reebok is hardlinking/symlinking to files in cloud storage.
“When I use hardlinks there (at least in Couchpotato) I notice that every reboot causes the hardlinks to be ‘rechecked’. Caused a lot of extra bandwidth on my system; since it will just read every movie from ACD.”

From what I’m reading I’m not sure if I am out of the loop or if you two are talking past each-other (misunderstanding one another)


think you are just out of the loop, misunderstanding.

the setup i use is only hardlinks tell they are on the cloud then hardlinks are no more. plex reads from the rclonemount and loads up right away after reboot.

and no seeding from the cloud is not possible.


“hardlinks tell [what program, which app?] they [the files?] are on the cloud”

While I am a linux newb of sorts, I’m probably not giving myself enough credit. I understood everything in your image posting and can and have done almost all of it more than once with the exception of filebot. So I’m not lacking the technical know how to understand you, I just feel your wording may be a bit vague for my comprehension.

NOTE: I’m trying to be very precise in my wording so if I come across rude It’s not my meaning, I might just be a bit clinical in my phrasing.


filebot creates the hardlinks renames them then after that rclone auto uploads THE HARDLINKs to the cloud but really its uploading the files with the new names. and my words are vague as my vague description is all that is really needed as it is a automated system there is not really a need to ask how or what makes it work just that it works. as this might not be good for someone say who likes to do it there self sorry. but there are plenty of people who 1 do not know how to get around linux, 2 don’t have time to learn how to set things up,3 just dont give 2 shits XD

that’s what my script was made for you make people not have to do anything but add torrents to the rtorrent and forget about it and it will be on the cloud shortly after.

I am sorry if i come off rude I in no way mean to. I know there are lots of people who rather learn and or do it themselves but for now my script will stay private. the information i used is scattered on several sites took me a while to learn and then to write a script that would do it for me because i hate to repeat things if i do not have to.


I actually made that drawing. That’s my setup. I only use hard links for the downloads. Rtorrent downloads the media, filebot will hard link, rename the hard links in another dir that I call “compete” and pull extras into this complete dir. My rclone upload command uploads everything in complete and then deletes it…Actually deleting the hardlink. The file still lives in my main download dir where it’s seeded until the needed ratio and then deleted.

I have a rclone mount and Plex just reads that mount…Unrelated to the hard links.

Couch potato and sickrage look at this same mount to track downloaded files. They do not own the post processing…Filebot owns that.

I’m not sure how dtech does it but that’s my method.


pretty close i just used your pic cuz so pretty XD lol the only thing diff between our setups is how filebot is handled


as filebot is the one who does most of the stuff and makes easy for well me to set up if i used the apps to set up that would require me to log in each app and then setup the stuff so that the apps can name and hardlink, so filebot is kinda key as it is tied into rtorrent.
as long as the torrent is added to the rtorrent then filebot can work with it. so there is no need to set up the other software for anything more than auto adding programs

as for the other apps such as sonarr and radarr i will set up them in regards to using the adding part of the software as filebot if far superior when it comes to handling the files. and if enough people vote on Radarr being added to quickbox the chance is it will be added.

as for contacting me i am ok with people contacting me when it is needed. if it can be discussed in public i prefer that.
you can also pm me on our chat server you will need to create an account on it due to the fact its not tied into the site as of yet.