Automation For ACD and plex

so you download a movie and or shows but you want to watch them but you have to do all these different things just so plex can see them, and if you’re lucky plex can understand the names of what you have downloaded.

but if you’re like me this is just not going to work for you.
you want order…
like so

Now say you dont want to keep all the files on your server or you dont want to remove things just to get more things…
well thats where the cloud comes into play you might have seen the acd_cli and then you use it and seem unreliable and or its just to much work to set up.

well we use Rclone and filebot to make things nice and reliable when you try to watch your stuff and you dont have to worry about anyone seeing what you put on the cloud
as you upload with rclone crypt

your files are safe

and everything is automated from so all you have to do is add your torrent and wait for it to be done.

files supported are
and if you really want everthing else can be done but it won’t be named

supported remote

come talk to me if you’re interested in something like this it will soon be a add on to the guru Installs

this is kinda how it works -the timed uploads as it does not rely on time to do it
also setting up the apps is extra :stuck_out_tongue: as that can not really be automated XD


What is the normal process for this when it will require the client/user to do a few steps (Amazon authorization)?

when setting up i would request acd login to create the config file if that is not wanted then the user could create the config on a windows pc and then send the config. but the remote being used has to be named eacd: as that is the one i use in the script.

Coming soon on the new site members will be able to purchase this as an additional service. All commissions will go directly to the script authors and/or Gurus that install… in the case… @dtech_banned! Brilliant work yet again @dtech_banned! :clap:

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hey man … you know i am! :smiley:

consider me signed up.

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I am certainly interested, exactly what I have been messing with and trying to get right.

I too will most likely be looking into this.

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I have a question. if i do have a server already and this is my main server which im using for downloading TV and Movies and seeding my files and i have ACD installed already on my server if i want get VPS only for PLEX server how i can transfer data between both server ?

I would imagine you would install your ACD mount on the VPS and have it read from the mount. Since it’s reading from your ACD, it would really have nothing to do with the other server that is seeding the files and sending them upstream for playback on Plex.

so no need for that idea. better to stay with my current setup ? because some times i have to stop all my torrent files so that i can watch my movies without freezing or buffering.

Are you running on one of the atom servers?

no if you meant that im using server from no i have my server from hetzner

Ah, yeah. I had issues as well with a server (pretty good specs) and it was back and forth. One day glorious and the next it was bad. I went through several and finally landed in DC21. Very good performance since then and there haven’t been nearly as many streaming issues. I think… DC16 was where I could barely stream a standard tv show.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that you could opt for another VPS closer to you, however, you’re ultimate streaming out of your ACD anyways… wherever that magic happens.

the big problem is when you get a big ass lib like mine plex takes up around 40gb. just keep that in mind with vps

i do have 35 TB of data on my cloud

it’s not the size of the cloud more the number of items so larger files does not mean much. so say you have

and your content looks like this

then your plex will take up around 20gb
due to all the little files it downloads like pictures and keeps track of all the quality of the videos. and all the other stuff.

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why your cloud reading your data as a files only ?
mine is reading video 2 TB and the rest of my the size is files. maybe because im keeping the sample of movies on the folder.

mine are encrypted so that i’m safe.

are you using acd_cli or rclone ?

no just rclone