Dtech - Rclone Automation Package - Amazing Support and Installation

TL;DR: I would highly recommend Dtech’s Rclone Automation setup, support, and guru installation

After days of pounding my head against a wall figuring out how to set up couchpotato/sickrage, rclone, filebot, ACD, and everything else so it was completely automated for a seedbox+cloud setup, I saw Dtech’s thread about a sort of guru installation, so I messaged him.

He responded quickly and got right to work as soon as possibly and helped get a fresh server installation in preparation for QuickBox. From there, he got Rclone and Filebot setup, before proceeding to all the applications; CouchPotato, SickRage, Plex, PlexPy, ruTorrent.

With his setup there is no work required on my part, other than providing the necessary information. He even helped me learn how some of this worked behind the scenes.

I would highly recommend his services and assistance for all things related to QuickBox, Rclone, and more than likely anything else in the chain.

Thanks Dtech!



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