When installed picked /home/ but would like to change to /?


Sorry if the topic is a little unclear, couldn’t think of a better way of phrasing it offhand.

When I installed and did the initial setup for quickbox, I chose the /home/user option as opposed to /. I’m assuming this dictates the visibility of things like rutorrent to the rest of the system?

I ask because I’ve got nfs shares mounted under /mnt, but rutorrent is not able to see /mnt to save new torrents there.

If this is infact due to the choice of /home instead of /, how do I go about changing it?


better off reinstalling os and script trust me lol i tried this before was a pain there is a lot of settings that have to change and when you run update you have to change them again
but up to you.


hah ok thanks. I’m running it in a VM, and I’m kicking myself for not taking a snapshot of the freshly installed OS now :slight_smile:


I do know your pain at least you did not make this mistake on a server that has been used… lol i will say after people have things downloading things starting over is a pain… people do not like data loss…


wait befor you do reinstall hold on


Hey there @snapek!

Well, technically, when you chose an option in the beginning this is solely for telling QuickBox which mount point to use for quotas in your system.

You can mount this back to /(root) by doing the following:

quotaoff -a
service quota stop
mount -o remount /
quotacheck -auMF vfsv1
quotaon -uv /
service quota start

However, we will first need to adjust your fstab and verify that /(root) mount should be used.

So if you could do this, what are the results for the following:


as well as

cat /etc/fstab

Once we have those details out of the way… we can work on getting you back in order.


rutorrent is set up per user dir so having it go outside the user dir is gonna be lot of work may i ask why you want to do it this way?


Ah, that could present a problem. I wonder what @liara would have to say about this when she is available?


now you see why i said wait for him? lol i had to read a few times before i understood what user wanted XD
but idk that reinstall or even the changing mount point would help. unless he changed mount point to the share drive.


Well, we would have to change the mount point to the nfs /mnt that is being shared… but the problem would be in that all torrents are being saved by rtorrent/deluge to /home/_user_/torrents. So, yeah… there may need to be a re-tooling of where QuickBox stores it’s data on completed downloads… then quotas just read from there.

This would more than likely be a custom job. I know I will be corrected if I am wrong though.


This is an adaptation of how I use rutorrent/rtorrent normally on my NAS. It’s also a single-user setup currently.

Traditionally I’ve had my session, watch and torrent paths in /home/user but the mounts for storage in /mnt.

I was turned on to quickbox and wanted to give it a try, so I farmed out /mnt/* to NFS shares so the quickbox VM could access them and I could migrate my torrents and activity over, set up quickbox in a VM and mounted //server/mnt to /mnt and copied my session folder over. That all has worked fine (albeit a bit slower / higher ram use than expected but I’ll investigate that later), but the only issue remaining is that rutorrent can’t see /mnt/ to add a new torrent to.

That said, rtorrent can see /mnt just fine, as it’s able to open and seed all my existing torrents from /mnt/… so I know it’s an rutorrent issue. I’ve checked the config.php for /srv/rutorrent and it’s showing the top level directory is “/”.


Not necessarily - these things can be dictated by global permissions as well.

I know the filemanager’s top level is controlled by your file manager config and rutorrent’s top level is controlled in your rutorrent config (/srv/rutorrent/conf/users/${username}/config.php) eg:

  $topDirectory = '/home/Data/';

I’ve had a real bitch of a time getting this to work properly in reality though and the rutorrent file browsing dialogs don’t always play nice even, if you change topDirectory=’/’;

Edit: If you enter the path manually it should work – using the dialog boxes I always get reset back to the default download directory if I try to browse outside my home directory. It’s also possible this is a bug with rutorrent that I intend to give an update to today


I did try entering the path manually for /mnt/path/to/store but it kept reverting to /home/user. That said, I had only edited the global config.php it seems, and not the user-specific one. I’ve edited that and I am now successfully able to view /mnt (though I do have to manually type the path and click … to view, but that’s expected behavior with rutorrent, as stated).

So all in all it’s working now, all boiled down to editing topleveldir for the user specific config.php.

edit - just want to say I LOVE this project, and am very impressed with the speed and quality of support responses. You’ve won me over already, happy to be here and help test things out :slight_smile:

edit2 - off topic, but I should note that I was migrating in ~2600 torrents and the default setup having both rpc and httprpc plugins enabled in rutorrent was causing it to time out. I ended up having to disable httprpc and left rpc enabled, and was able to get things responsive on the webui front.


Fantastic! We’ll set this as resolved off of @liara’s response.

…and thanks for the compliments! Keeps us motivated for sure!


Sorry to re-open the discussion again, but rutorrent is throwing me disk space errors and I’m unable to add new torrents.

I’ve confirmed (well, pretty sure at least) it’s not a mount / nfs issue, as I can touch/rm files on the /mnt/… path as detailed above.

I can tell rutorrent to add a torrent to /mnt/downloads/ but it doesn’t show up in the client. I also get the “Warning! The disk is full. rTorrent may not run correctly…” etc bubble in the bottom left. I disabled the diskspace plugin, but no change. I tried both / and /mnt as topdir in both the global and user specific configs, no change.

I did follow your steps above for the quota path changes, so I’m wondering if I’ve overlooked the obvious as to why it’s reporting 0 bytes free. Also as requested output of lsblc and fstab


idk if this has been answered but have you setdisk?


I had earlier, but did so again just now to be sure. I also had just happened to restart the apache service, and rutorrent is no longer throwing disk space warnings, but still isn’t adding new torrents.

If I mouse-over the disk space icon in the bottom left, it shows as 100% used. I gave it 200TB quota and it’s showing 200 TB (well it reads as 199 TB) used.

On a likely related note the dashboard disk space display is also nonfunctional and hasn’t worked since I installed.


did you change the mount point from / to /home?
your readout shows / so if you mounted home for quota it would be a bit of a pain and not show correctly


Yeah, this is where I mentioned having to re-tool parts of QuickBox. The Disk Widget is built with either a /(root) mount or /home mount in mind. In theory I could customize the php for you to have that point to your proper mount / storage volume. The same goes for your fstab… you may have to adjust that like the following:

# /etc/fstab: static file system information.
# Use 'blkid' to print the universally unique identifier for a
# device; this may be used with UUID= as a more robust way to name devices
# that works even if disks are added and removed. See fstab(5).
/dev/mapper/venamis--vg-root / ext4 defaults 0 1

# /boot was on /dev/sda1 during installation
UUID=5ab248e2-a676-4626-a5c7-1369c2af1553 /boot ext2 defaults 0 2
/dev/mapper/venamis--vg-swap_1 none swap sw 0 0
/dev/sr0 /media/cdrom0 udf,iso9660 user,noauto 0 0 /mnt nfs usrquota,errors=remount-ro vers=3 0 0

Perhaps that would work… and of course resetting the quota with the command

quotaoff -a
service quota stop
mount -o remount /mnt
quotacheck -auMF vfsv1
quotaon -uv /mnt
service quota start

This is just theory… so we’ll have to keep chipping away at this until we have you settled.

You could also try adding this to your /srv/rutorrent/home/widgets directory. Remove the other disk_data.php and rename this to that accordingly.

disk_data-mnt.php.txt (5.5 KB)


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