VSFTP DONE but nothing happend

After 7 attempts (1 on Debian 8 and 6 attempts on Ubuntu 16.04) i get the same result :

Setting up vsftpd … [ DONE ]

…and nothing happend.

After looooong wait (2 hours) i restart server and apache, just in case.

Quickbox seems to be partially installed beacause of apache2 is running and i could access to https//MYPUBLICIP. But Dashboard is not realy OK (no web console, no disks spaces qualification, no capacity to enabled/disabled module as Deluge, etc…) and no logs to explain if quickbox install was correctly finish.

Installation documentation : official Quickbox Github (in root from ~/ folder).
Specs : Virtual server by scaleway - 8Gb ram - 4X86 64bit Cores.

Friends with functionnal Quickbox help me but can’t fix that.

Same issue exist : Setting up vsftpd ... [ Done ] (Hanging)
you have fix that from may 2017 ?