Setting up vsftpd ... [ Done ] (Hanging)


Hey there,

My quickbox installation has been sitting at Setting up vsftpd ... [ DONE ] for about 1-2 hours. Is this normal? It’s done this on two seperate (and fresh) Ubuntu 16.04 installations.

Any ideas?


VSFTP DONE but nothing happend

Got exact same error right now. Have you managed to fix it somehow?


Stop the installation and do
sudo rm -rf /etc/QuickBox/

And run the installation again


did it, run it second time and got the same error. Maybe it’s the fact I’m trying to run it on Scaleway instance?


I had this same issue using a 16.04 Ubuntu Scaleway instance. It seemed to completely break my SSH, as I was unable to connect to it again. It doesn’t happen to me using 15.10 though.


Same behavior after 7 attempts (1 on Debian 8 and 6 attempts on Ubuntu 16.04).
After looooong wait i restart my apache, just in case of my install was not really block on

Setting up vsftpd … [ DONE ]

Quickbox seems to be partially installed beacause of apache2 is running and i could access to https//MYPUBLICIP. But Dashboard is not realy OK (no web console, no disks spaces qualification, no capacity to enabled/disabled module as Deluge, etc…) and no logs to explain quickbox install was correctly finish.

Installation documentation : official Quickbox Github (in root from ~/ folder).
Specs : Virtual server by scaleway - 8Gb ram - 4X86 64bit Cores.

Sad to drool in front of my friends demo (no fresh install for my friends).

you have fix that from may 2017 ?

I reopen this issue! Sorry.