Trying to install Plexwatch and PlexwatchWeb

I tried installing plexwatch and plexwatchweb. Plexwatch is working but I can’t access plexwatchweb.

I’ve installed plexwatchweb to /var/www/html/plexwatch but when I go to localhost/plexwatch it can’t find the page.

Please advise. Has anyone else gotten this working? If so, how?

Link to PlewatchWeb:

PS-Thanks for the great work you’ve done on this script. I’ve used other scripts previously and this one is by far the best!

this is the wiki post you need to read over.

Thanks for that.

I know how to do a ssh tunnel, what I meant to say is that when I browse to http://SERVER-IP/plexwatch then it doesn’t appear.

are you using quickbox plex install ? or the link you gave?

I used the Quickbox plex install.

so are you trying to use plex or plexwatch?
i never even heard of plexwatch am kinda looking it up now…

I’m trying to use PlexWatch.

I have other people using Plex on my server and I’d like to monitor them. Plexwatch allows you to view user stats and Plexwatchweb is a web interface that displays the stats in fancy charts and graphs.

well if you wait a few hrs… one of the programing masters will be able to help with this. I know how to get plex up and running. but as for plexwatch not a clue lol
just got to be patient and @JMSolo and or @liara
will be able to fix you up with this and i think this might be something that could be added to install pack so thats a plus too.

they are pretty good about replying (when they are not sleeping)
i am off to bed myself its 3:40 AM

Thanks. I do think this would be a great value add. Especially for users like myself who host plex servers.

my plex server is around 4000 movies and idk how many shows…

i will say i think this is wrong dir but i could be wrong. i think is would be under /srv------

How about give PlexPy a try. Easier setup. Same function.

Hey there @KaMoS69!

You’ll need to create an alias to point to the directory. In your /etc/apache2/sites-enabled directory, open the file aliases-seedbox.conf. Now you’ll need to create an alias like so:

Alias /plexwatch "/var/www/html/plexwatch/"
<Directory "/var/www/html/plexwatch/">
  Options Indexes FollowSymLinks MultiViews
  Order allow,deny
  allow from all

This can be added on the bottom as it does not need to be in any specific order. Now do service apache2 restart and navigate to http://_serverip_/plexwatch and it should show.

We’ll additionally count this as a feature request and see about adding it to the current development pipeline.

~Thanks for giving QuickBox a try! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the responses guys.

I tried your solution JMSolo and it worked, thanks!

Also looking into PlexPy, thanks for that suggestion tarp.

If I got a docker running something on port 3345, how can I add http://myip/something?

xx.xx.xx.xx -> myip/something

Please open a new thread in regards to your query as this is a resolved thread.

Thanks for your understanding! :smiley: