Sync from seedbox to home

I have some things l’d like to sync automatically from my seedbox, to my home server.

I’ve used BTSync with great success on other seedboxes - and am familiar with this application. However, when using BTSync installed via the QB GUI, I seem to be very limited regarding which folders I can use - even though I only need read access on the server running QB…

I then tried Syncthing, but as soon as it’s installed, my CPU goes absolutely mad - and stays that way till I remove Syncthing again.

Any advise?

Take a look at this thread here BTSync Folder Permissions
By default BTSync uses a folder named sync_folder to house the files/folders the user wants shared. You can move anything you want sync’d to that folder or change it via the setting menu in BTSync. You may need to adjust permissions on the folders to allow read/write access depending on what you want to do.

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