Suggestion - FileBot

Hi there,

First and foremost thanks for a great service :+1:

I’d like to suggest adding FileBot as a package.
FileBot would work perfectly together with Plex - there has already been created scripts which run automatically when rTorrent finishes a download.

Pinelli out :slight_smile:

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I can vouch for that!
Filebot is just an awesome program and easy to install and setup

Agreed. It works well. Requires Java which is my only complaint about it.

I have thought about this one in the past and I am not so certain this is a piece of software I am willing to include in the repository.

Despite all appearances FileBot requires a significant amount of user configuration to setup and the basic configuration is not one-size-fits all. I like hard links, you like soft links. I want my Library here, you want your library there. Some people wants subs and for zip files to be extracted, and others don’t want any of that. Configuration of opensubtitles must be done via command line and these customizations of the post-processing script must also be done via a text editor (shell, or ftp).

I have definitely regretted installing this software for those not familiar with the shell interface as there is a learning curve to using this software and manual processing of any files not post-processed requires shell access.

This is not a discussion closed on the matter, but I am curious how you folks imagine this one getting integrated in a way that’s easy to use and won’t confuse novice users

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Hello QB.

I would be nice, if you could make an integration with Filebot for your script. And even more nice, if it could be integrated with a script like AMC script:

A lot of seedboxes comes with filebot, and its a program/script to make your torrents arrenged easily to plex total automatic :slight_smile: