Seedever - fails to provide attribution to QuickBox

Dear Seedever and Seedever users.

Seedever is monetizing the QuickBox platform for their own gains, the problem isn’t in this alone, as we do support those that provide the proper respects through attribution. The problem occurs from the grounds that your users feel they have a better chance at coming to our volunteer staff for personal support. You’re using QuickBox, modifying it with your own logos, providing broken (horribly so) installs, not mentioning anywhere that QuickBox is not your own, in fact, you appear to have the dashboard as though it is your own. Interesting!

Thanks to the users that have come asking for the support, and I do apologize that I had to turn you away. It’s not fair that our support staff be burdened with the pitfalls that a provider is facing by providing broken/old repository installs. I do thank you all though for your understanding, and especially for bringing this to our teams attention.


This also goes for any other provider doing the same thing. there are a few out there and they all know who they are.