RUtorrrent Plugin screenshots

This is how to use Screenshots, how to configure settings and how to use them.

First you need to find the settings under screenshots
decide how many captures you would like
I use 7, after you decide that then go on and put where you would like to start the captures you do not want to leave at 0 or you end up with blank screens and that defeats the point.
then put in how long between shots you would like in seconds i use 200s
and slideshow interval is just if you want to play though the screenshots you’ve made
once you’re all done you can save these to your computer by clicking save all it will save them in a archive file.

You should be using PNG format since JPG is lossy.

This only started happening recently but when I click “save all” chrome downloads the tar archive then as it finishes it turns into action.php. I can still download the single png files but I can’t seem to get them as an archive anymore…?