RUtorrent Ratio Groups

How do rutorrent ratio groups work?

Each ratio group consists of 4 different conditions ( Min,% / Max,% / UL,MB / Time,h ) and an action. Whether the action of a ratio group will be triggered depends on which conditions have been satisfied. Whether an individual condition has been satisfied (for a particular torrent) depends on either

  • how much has been uploaded in percentage (Min,% and Max,%) or
  • how much has been uploaded in MB (UL,MB) or
  • how many hours the torrent has been seeded (Time,h)

For the sake of simplicity, these four conditions can be put in two different groups:

The Min,% and UL,MB conditions (mandatory)
These conditions are “packaged together”. That means only if both conditions have been satisfied, the action will be triggered. One condition alone doesn’t suffice.

The Max,% and Time,h conditions (optional)
Each of these condition is independend from all other conditions. That means, as soon as one of Max,% or Time,h is satisfied, the action will be triggered, regardless of whether the other conditions are satisfied or not. So these are hard limits. You can turn the Max,% condition off with “0” and the Time,h conditions with “-1”.

The following table shows which combinations of satifsied conditions will trigger the selected action

:heavy_check_mark:= condition has been satisfied
x = condition has not been satisfied or is turned off

Note that there are limits to what you can do with ratio groups. For example, you cannot require a torrent to have both a minimum ratio and a minimum seed time. However, if you need such conditions you can use another tool such as rtcontrol.

A ratio group / torrent size example

Here is an example that shows after how much uploaded MB the action of a particular ratio group is triggered for torrents with different sizes. The Time condition has not been set (-1) for this example ratio group.

Torrent size	        700 MB
Action trigerred	after 700 MB has been uploaded
Reason	                the Min 100% upload (700 MB) and UL,MB (500 MB) conditions are both satisfied

Torrent size	        350 MB
Action trigerred	after 500 MB has been uploaded
Reason	                the Min 100% upload (350 MB) and UL,MB (500 MB) conditions are both satisfied

Torrent size	        100 MB
Action trigerred	after 200 MB has been uploaded
Reason	                the Max 200% upload (200 MB) condition has been satisfied

Ratio groups examples

These are examples of commonly used ratio groups which you can easily amend to your own needs.

Example 1

Torrents should stop always after reaching a 2.5 ratio

If Min % = Max % then the UL,MB condition has (practically) no effect. The Time,h condition has to be turned off (-1).

Alternatively you can specify the following conditions

In this case the UL,MB condition (0 MB upload) is always satisfied. So as soon as the torrent reaches a 2.5 ratio the action will be triggered.

Example 2

Torrents should stop always after 48 hours seeding regardless of how much (or little) has been uploaded

Set the Min % condition to a very high value that is very unlikely to be reached by any torrent. This will (practically) turn both the Min % and the UL,MB condition off. So the only remaining relevant condition is the Time,h condition.

Example 3

Torrents should not longer seed than 48 hours and should not have a ratio greater than 1.5

The Time,h condition sets the maximum seed duration in hours. However, the action will be triggered before 48 hours have been passed if the torrent reaches a 1.5 ratio.

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It’s worth noting that you shouldn’t set the min/max ratios too high. If you put too large of a number into % the ratios plugin will break completely until you manually edit the ratio settings in the share folders.

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What “actions” are avaiable? Just Stop?