Registering Quickbox Dashboard Domain/SSL Cert

I get the this site is not safe and red https error when access box. and also accessing by the IP. Wondering what options there are to get a domain and not have a self signed certificate to get that error. Is this what is needed for the certificates:

I would just have to go buy a domain?
I love the sever i picked up and with your guys export install/tuning it is working amazing!! So plan on keeping it for some time so want to say get this setup. I can’t find the post now but remembering seeing topic that JMSolo mention thoughts about adding option to buy domain through you guys or adding something like that in to quickbox to do so. Wondering if that is being worked on as could wait for that. Otherwise if not anytime soon then would look into guess getting own domain and setting up which if guide or tutorial on that for QB would be awesome.

Actually, PM me and I can set you up on a subdomain with QuickBox DNS. Then you can follow that guide and have Let’s Encrypt covering your server to avoid the self-signed cert nags. Technically, your server is as safe as it would be with an authorized certificate, however, browsers nag you about it since it is not signed by a verified authority, i.e; Comodo etc.

Just let me though and we’ll help you save the cost and give you a <you> spot. Better yet, it’s free :slight_smile:

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