Recommended Dedi Server?

Hey guys

Just wondering, I’ve always used Hetzner auction servers. I’m looking at renting a new one, it’ll be a xeon with 32 gigs of ram and 4 * 3 tb drives. I’ve been on a few forums and some recommend and ovh. Apparently, Hetzner best for tb capacity and the others for sheer performance.

I do like space, but if I could set up the infinity Amazon cloud Plex thingy, there would be no need for 12tb on Hetzner.

Generally speaking I use my dedi for, plex, ruTorrent, sonarr abd couchpotato.

The budget for the Hetzner is €55 ~ €60.

What are you thoughts as the best base for the quickbox platform?


1 Like is the best way to go i think.

I would have to second the vote. They have a very solid network, their hardware is up to shape and for the dollar amount it’s hard to beat. On occasion they throw out some specials, in most cases it will be recycling last years hardware and I have seen some amazing offers come and go… usually on par with what you’re after, i.e; large volume storage, quality cpu and loads of memory.

Looks like they are currently performing maintenance on their cart links… but a link to bookmark and check often is this one:

I was thinking of this one

It looks pretty decent, the Xeon isn’t as powerful as the ones in Hetzner. And it’s got 1/3 of the space, but it might be nice to try a different provider to see how it performs.

The setup fees for can be a bit brutal and it’s important to pay attention to their cancellation policy (all cancellations must occur on or before the 20th of every month, doesn’t matter when you signed up).

The ST12 may be a solid choice for what you’re looking for (no setup fee!), though the budget is higher than the Hetzner. It does come with an e5 for that price though. The ST8 could be an option; however that setup fee…

Additionally, I use the EG-16 from OVH (BHS) and have been rather happy with it so far.

Additionally, there is OneProvider. They can be more budget friendly and resell configs you won’t find at – however, their support is abysmal so pray no hardware ever breaks


That ST 12 looks great. It is a little out of my price range, but I can stretch for a quality machine.

It kind of matches up to the managed dedi that Bytesized offer for €85 on leaseweb.

I’ll avoid OneProvider going on my previous bad luck with hdd failure.

leaseweb is overpriced from my research
i will say OVH best support you will find, but then price is sucky when you want faster speeds. 250 is not great

me and my partner invested in this one

going to move from soyoustart(part of OVH)
I love SYS but want faster speeds at a more affordable price. plus 4x4tb beats hands down 2x2tb lol

Those I7s look good on paper, but the xeons are much better suited for the tasks we throw at them.

I know :confused: but like i said price… lol and i dont do lot of cpu use on server running seedbox the most i personally do is upload i do all the cpu stuff at home
rar takes some cpu but more read and write.
xeons are great but only when you can afford them plus more storage +bandwidth speed is why we are changing servers

what i want and can afford are completely different

A well tuned i7-2600 should be fairly capable. Just avoid loading up several thousand torrents in a single instance – that’s the biggest issue.

I’ve seen one of these i7s perform very admirably (~3500 torrents in a single client) and I’ve seen one of these i7s just absolutely tank (~6000 torrents). The first i7 was well tuned and responsive in PHP the second was still running Wheezy, rtorrent CLI was totally choked before I was through with it. The wheezy install was missing extremely important cURL features along with some other important performance features that are considered standard in new OSs. That said, php7.0 and memcached improve performance of php apps like ruTorrent pretty significantly, so hopefully with Ubuntu 16.04 and our installer, things like the latter performance issues wouldn’t even be an issue now.

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Perfect time to plug our Tuning Service… coming soon! :wink:

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lmao well i think i will be fine then XD never gone close to 1000 torrents running in one client.
i only upload for so long, tell people stop downloading XD once they stop i stop

at home i am running a seedbox on a single core cpu lol its just for downloading so it does what it needs to, that is download XD

i plan to reinstall sometime this month and use this script. just need to finish getting all the stuff off of it.

Where is this server?

most configurable servers i could find but not cheap for that.

but they allow torrents?

don’t do public and you will be fine.

Additional Bandwidth: 1TB included


never said they were cheap XD

most average users won’t use more than 20tb, and it’s only capping the upload so download as much as you want

download isnt the problem anywhere :smiley:

Im looking offer for my SB company, so 100TB will be consumed and 15 days.