Recommended Dedi Server?

really :open_mouth:
100tb in 15 days how many users?

have you tried nforce?

Their download link is unlimited aswell.

i have only tried SYS and (the shit company) tuvix
but i will say the reply speed on hostsai was impressive.

i did a small research with couple friends of friends

They usually do 10-20TB month.

If if go for 20users@10Gbps


well best bet would be to buy the server and get isp with unlimited data to go to your home XD cuz well that would be more cost effective in long run

This is what feral does.

But dedicated 10Gbps connection is EXPENSIVE as hell.

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yep but when you do large scale then it pays out
but they use more than 1 isp.
also what kind of price range are you looking at?

if i had a server and $300/month i could host 2tb unlimited lol but i dont have $300/month

this is the only host i have saw so far offering unlimited 10gb but again not cheap at all

i don’t even want to imagine how much they would charge for 24x2tb ssd to be added

Feral owns all their servers.

They run 2x E5-2680v3 and 256 GB ECC RAM with 20SSDs

10gbps have 100Gbps plans which you can guess, tons of thousands of money =p

if cheep is your issue

I got a beast of a server for 47 euros
i7/16gb and 16tb of HDD

I ended up renting a Xeon with 32 gigs of ram and 4 * 3tb drives.

I’m looking forward to hearing it sing.


Not to mention when ffmpeg installs in a matter of 2 minutes… something to be said about that machine.

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Plus it only costs €49 in the auction :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help @JMSolo