QuickBox is killing my servers network

Each time I install QuickBox on my online.net dedicated server it switches of the network to it making it unreachable. Ther only way I can recover it is by forcing a re-install of the whole server.

This only happens once I reboot. If I say no to reboot after install and try to connect to it, it works…
I have asked the server support and they don’t know what it messes with as they are unable to connect to it aswell.

What in this installation is messing with the network settings and what does it do?

Hello have you find a issue ? i have the same problem

Quickbox is broken… BUT I found another installer script called rtinstall that works well. Note that it changes to random SSH port. There is a command to keep it to 22 that you have to remember to enter at the install.

Link: https://github.com/arakasi72/rtinst

Quickbox is not broken just wait some people gonna help you it is quickbox community if that you need to change your ssh port to 4747

Maybe you enabled the BBR installation. This package is actually not support all the platform(due to some special nic, such as the I354 2.5GE nic).
If you want to solve it, you need first try to disable this package while installing. Or you need to compile a costom kernel for it, if you still want to use BBR, .

Changing SSH port does NOT cause this error, I have tested it.

I do not know what BBR is. I have not enabled anything, if so it was enabled on install.

It could be the reason, the BBR was enabled by default. You can try to disable it when installing. And which kind of the Dedibox did you buy?

This is a known issue with Online.net servers, not with QuickBox.

There is already a solution thread on the forums here:


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