Problems with installation on upgraded Ubuntu

Recently, I got a server from OneProvider with 2 HDDs. Because I kept the NORAID configuration, I didn’t get the option for Ubuntu 16.04 straight off the bat, as they said it will create installation errors. So I installed Ubuntu 14.04 and upgraded to 16.04. After that, using the three commands, I installed Quickbox too. However, after rebooting the server, the server crashes (or) doesn’t come online at all. Is there any workaround for this?

I had the same problem. found the solution on google.

**I had a problem installing quickbox on an ST8 from online.net2 :
Server unreachable on port 4747, and ping down.

The problem comes from a conflict between Ubuntu and the Broadcom BCM5716 network card of some servers of or OneProvider
(So, not all, my SC2016 works fine).

I have not solved this problem alone (I quote my sources at the end for more clarity).

To check :

Will tell you the name of your PCI devices.
To solve this problem :

Install Ubuntu fresh
Install Quickbox until the end, but DO NOT REBOOT at the end.
Open another ssh session and log in using port 4747 and your seedbox masteruser.
Enter the following commands:
sudo su
cd /root
mkdir bcm
cd bcm
git clone git://
cp -rf /root/bcm/linux-firmware/bnx2/ /lib/firmware

Et voilà :wink:**