PlexRequests Reverse Proxy Enabled!

Following some developer updates to the PlexRequests.NET package, we can now enjoy PlexRequests with a reverse proxy without bugs!

If you desire to use the reverse proxy and have an existing installation, please follow these steps to upgrade your database and installation to be compatible with the newest updates:

  1. Log into root via SSH
  2. Issue the command upgradePlexRequests
  3. Go to `http://{YOURHOST}:3000 and log into the administration section.
  4. Under general settings, change baseurl to plexrequests
  5. Restart the plexrequests service

You should now be able to access PlexRequests from https://{YOURHOST}/plexrequests (or the link from your sidebar).

New installations are not affected as we pass the proper command during initialization. However we cannot pass this argument for existing databases and these steps must be taken.