PlexRequest 503 service unavailable

After installing plexrequest i am getting 503 error when clicking the link in the dashboard.
Studied topics here in the forum but nothing that solves the issues.

Would appreciate some information/help with this

nobody? too bad, i have been waiting for a reply on another users topic about this issue but after a week still nobody who knows howto solve this?

  • You arent paying for support…don’t be a dick…we all have lives. We try the best we can but being rude when you havent gotten a response in under 24 hours doesnt make me want to help you.
  • What have you done to try to resolve this yourself?
  • Do you expect us to invest time into something in which you wont invest time into even basic troubleshooting?

The proxy and/or services aren’t rocket science. The information is out there if you take the time to research how apache reverse proxies work and/or how systemd services work. It’s basic stuff here.

I don’t make a dime on anything I do here…I volunteer my time and effort. Please take that into consideration before you start complaining about the service.

The first thing I would do is connect to the server with X2go and see if you can connect to the PlexRequests on either the default port or the QB port bypassing the proxy.


Looks like this was your first mistake…
It’s called forum etiquette. Create your own post and try to be of sound decent mind. Help happens pretty fast around here for those that appreciate it’s value.

well my understanding was not to open new topics on the same subject another user was discussing.
so after a while i opened a topic myself as the other didnt get a response either and i wasn’t sure if that might have been solved otherwise.

i wasnt trying to be a “dick” i just requested some help from the community not realizing this could be seen as out of place for some reason.

i wasnt trying to be rude at all and i dont understand why you experience this to be honest.
i just did a shoutout to the community here in my opinion.

Anyway if i did come across rude then i apologize.

To answer your questions (i was unable to login for a while as i wasnt at home)

  • i have searched this forum for answers and googled the issue without a satisfying result.
  • As this seems to be a comon issue discussed here and after searching for a solution for myself for almost a week, i thought i could just ask the community for help with the issue.
    I wouldnt know where else to turn as i know nothing on the installation process of and/or reverse proxy.

i did try to use x2go and connect but it didnt.
maybe i am doing something wrong, or it is just not running, i have no clue.

the output in ssh is as follows

(1:103)# systemctl status plexrequests

â—Ź plexrequests.service
Loaded: loaded (/etc/systemd/system/plexrequests.service; enabled)
Active: inactive (dead) since Tue 2017-02-21 03:20:58 CET; 7min ago
Process: 16349 ExecStop=/bin/kill -HUP (code=exited, status=1/FAILURE)
Process: 15983 ExecStart=/usr/bin/screen -f -a -d -m -S plexrequests mono /opt /plexrequests/Ombi.exe -p 3000 --base plexrequests (code=exited, status=0/SUCCES S)
Main PID: 15985 (code=exited, status=0/SUCCESS)

Feb 21 03:20:58 plexbox kill[16349]: kill [options] […]
Feb 21 03:20:58 plexbox kill[16349]: Options:
Feb 21 03:20:58 plexbox kill[16349]: […] send signal to …ed
Feb 21 03:20:58 plexbox kill[16349]: -, -s, --signal
Feb 21 03:20:58 plexbox kill[16349]: specify the to be sent
Feb 21 03:20:58 plexbox kill[16349]: -l, --list=[] list all signal…me
Feb 21 03:20:58 plexbox kill[16349]: -L, --table list all signal…le
Feb 21 03:20:58 plexbox kill[16349]: -h, --help display this help and exit
Feb 21 03:20:58 plexbox kill[16349]: -V, --version output version informat…it
Feb 21 03:20:58 plexbox kill[16349]: For more details see kill(1).
Hint: Some lines were ellipsized, use -l to show in full.

thanks in advance

Real quick question. Have you updated to the new GitHub repos?

I ask as this has been fixed for a few days now (since last Wednesday I think :thinking:) I’ve ran this on a few installs without issue. I do know that there were some flags on the install that were causing it to not install completely and thus, some dependencies were being missed.

Yes actually i added the new repos and ran the updater and all that.
before i did that i uninstalled plexrequest, installed new repos, updated it and then install plexrequest again to see if that fixed the issue, but sorry to say it didnt.

Currently on latest version of QB


If you would like to, you can PM me your server login details and I will take a look at this.

great thank you.
currently the server is down fo rmaintenance but as soon as it is up i will PM you with details :slight_smile:

thanks again

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i have send you logins, if you would be so kind to help out :slight_smile:

thank you :wink: