Plex - Server not Found

I have installed Plex from the QuickBox 2.2.1 dashboard but after I click in “Plex” in the dashboard and enter my Plex user and pass I get the following error: A server could not be found. Download and install Plex Media Server, and it will appear here.

I am running Ubuntu 16.04 on a Kimsufi server.

You must setup an SSH tunnel to do secure port forwarding for your server.

Follow this wiki guide to get it going:

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I followed the instructions and when I click claim server the page reloads and it still say claim server.
I went to the remote access page, clicked to manually specify the port and it still says “Not available outside your network”.

It sounds like your tunnel possibly didn’t stick. Try this:

Load your seedbox server’s session in putty once more.

Now navigate back to your tunnel.

  1. Select the tunnel you added.
  2. Click “Open” after selecting your Tunnel

See if that helps.


Had the same issue, log out from plex (all tabs, if there are others) and try again by claiming and logging in.
Hope this helps.

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Thanks, it actually worked.

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