Plex Kimsufi no server, connection refuse in ssh. why?

Just installed the quick box script on my server and activated plex. But the server is no where to be found.
I found a guide on the forum about opening some ports with ssh.

On osx i use;
ssh -p 4747 [email protected] -L 8888:localhost:32400

I get connection, but nothing is happening at the plex web-interface.

If I try the putty guide, I get “access denied”

I have use the root account and the account i created when installing quickbox

Running ubuntu 16.04

Have you additionally tried to follow these steps as well?

As per putty, not sure why you would be getting “access denied” as long as you are using your server IP and port 4747 for ssh access you should be fine. The only thing I can think of is that you have root password-prohibited set within your /etc/ssh/sshd_config file on your server.

If you are logged into Plex.TV as well as Plex on your server, attempt to log out of all plex on all devices and your server as well. Then restart Plex and attempt once more. It sounds like you are not successfully creating an ssh tunnel and/or your browser is caching.

Hi, first of all, try to use (free app) instead of

For the Plex Tunnel (if you haven’t install the Plex archived version of JMSolo - v0.9.x ), try to use (free app) and configure it like tutorials for Putty/Kitty.

Once Coccinellida configured for doing the tunnel, use Safari or your preferred web browser to go to localhost.

This should be working (it working for me).