Please help me out with Plex

Hi Friends,

My server Plex was working very good but i just desided to change my Plex passowrd the main plex password and then after i changed the password i sing out from all my devises after that when i tried to log in to my plex from my Quick box panel when i click on the plex icon from the Quick box panel i can find my plex server

please help me

Hello @waeldiab!

Could you please try the following from your QuickBox console.

Restart the Plex service: systemctl restart plexmediaserver
Follow that up with a restart of apache: service apache2 restart

Finally, clear all your browser cache to remove old stored sessions

thanks so much for replaying back to me. i have done this to steps and i clear the cache and i still cant find my server

my server is the one with yellow mark

After logging out of all devices, are you additionally logging out of the Plex website as well? This is a known issue with Plex themselves when either adding a new device or changing various settings. I have seen this crop up and literally vanish at random after an hour or so.

the below screenshot from the plex website i can see my server ( PLEX HD ) but its unavailable

and this screenshot from my server IP my PLEX HD is not listed

Are you connecting and claiming your server via an SSH Tunnel? Or are you attempting to claim the server via X2Go

You may have to double-back and attempt to claim it once more… I would advise the X2Go method (as linked above). You can additionally do this method to confirm that your Plex is active and that this is indeed a caching issue that will more than likely expire itself out on it’s own.

If you like, you can PM me the details of your server/plx and I will login to see if this is just a localized issue, i.e; Just your browser caching old data. Numerous people have been through this with Plex and it’s always caching issues.