New installation on Hetzner server with raid0 config

Hi all

Just used the quickbox (community version) script yesterday on a test server and must say I was impressed by the quality !
Now I’ll soon get a new dedicated server from Hetzner (ref EX62) coming with 3x8Tb drives that I want to mount in raid0 to fully get 24 Tb of storage.
As this will be the first I do kind of raid0 config, any would be welcome on how to set this up on their “installimage” script.

Then about Quickbox I’m thinking about the pro version to support the team, and maybe get the Guru installation. But first after setiing up the raid0 config I don’t know exactly if I should create different partitions on drives…? I’m not gonnat share the seedbox with anyone else, the full space is only for me. only thing I will share are my Plex libraries.
Should I create a partition for Ubuntu + Quickbox and softwares and then another partition just for storage of medias ?

Ideally what I would like to have in terms of media storage is :

  • a first folder “Download” containing different subfolder where all my torrents will land (Movies, Tv shows, etc…)
  • a second Media folder where I can create hardlinks of my torrent files and where I will plud my Plex libraries.
    All these folders should be in the biggest partition (if I have to split in several partitions).

What are you suggestions for the raid0 config ? for the partition split ? can the Guru do this for me ?

Thank you all and let me know if missing information :slight_smile:


Hi there

have a look here:

but most of the things we can indeed help you out with via a Guru service.


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Thanks for the tips, I well configured the raid0. I’ve been able to test Quickbox.
Now before I move to my final server and get quickbox pro, how can I contact staff directly to get information on Guru services ?
Currently have a seedbox at with about 3Tb of data that I need to migrate on new server and get the full installation done…is that possible through one your offer ?


Seen you already on Discord so you found your way :wink: