New installation hetzner, maybe guru?

Hi there. I have a hetzner server with 2x3 tb harddrives. I would like to run raid 1. But if i just use hetzner ubuntu/debian without changing settings, i get 1tb in / and 1.7tb in /home.

Can a guru install fix so it only use a little in root and rest in home folder?

This is what hetzner write, not sure what that means
The creation of partitions larger than 2TiB is only possible with a GUID Partition table (GPT). Thus only operating systems which include GRUB2 that supports booting from GPT drives can be installed

you can change the partitions when you install, this gif shows changing raid level and partition breakdown. you can use RAID 1, but just reference it to where you would switch partition sizes.

boot into rescue mode and run installimage

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Thanks. I will try that when i get a backup of my current stuff on the server :slight_smile:

you can also remove the mount point /home and save lot of problems down the road. also can remove swap as well. as servers really dont need it. not for this use at least.

Looks like it worked :+1: Now i just need to sync everything back and get everything up and running again.

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