Meet QuickBox 'Smoked'!

@JMSolo this looks so damn sexy mate :smile:

Awesome work!

I still have a small issue.
Each time i either run the updater or do a “box update” everything resets / It goes back to the defaulted theme. I have to redo the whole git/install again.

That doesn’t make sense. Could you perform a quick cleanup on your local repo?

As root:

rm -rf QuickBox
git clone --recursive /root/QuickBox

Then run the cli updater with box upgrade

See if that gets you on track as I have set the themes as submodules for cleaner handling of the themes on update. This is all going to be glued to the dashboard as a theme switch option by the end of the day… but after 16 straight hours of coding… not sure how much longer till :zzz:

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Yep that did the trick :slight_smile:
It sticking to the smoked theme now.
As usual, great support here.
Thanks man

Id like to make a contribution to the project, I’m a rather skilled graphic designer; could I design a new set of Icons to be used as defaults for the smoked theme?


Absolutely! Every aspect of QuickBox is 100% open source and available for contribution. I’d love to see what you could produce!

Alright, So I guess I just use the images it the “/srv/rutorrent/home/img/” folder as a base? And then how would I submit them afterwards.

I would suggest forking the ‘Smoked’ theme repo and then simply making your adjustments therein. Then just submit your pull requests to us :slight_smile:

Alright. Im a noob to GitHub, but this seems simple enough.

it’s damn sexy I got to admit

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those rtorent / sonarr default icons in the new smoked theme make me twitch every time I see them.

They’re way too 1990s for the rest of the site.

I think this is the part that broke my h5ai setup. Just an FYI for others :slight_smile:
After running through the setup steps, the reset (i think) removed the symlinks to .rorrent.downloads and .deluge.downloads

Worth it for that sexy black though!

Help, After applying the Smoked theme and restarting apache. This is what i got and a messed disk status box. -_-

force refresh the page :slight_smile:
in chrome it’s cmd shfit R, not sure what it is in safari.

worst case, just empty the browsing data :slight_smile:

JMSolo helped me to install the theme for me but after 2 days the them gone i dont know why

The theme works now, but it’s still displaying inaccurate disk stats.

Mine is not working anymore.

Can you access your dash?

remember to clear browser cache.
If it’s still broken, follow the above guide

If it’s it’s just the theme not showing… run this command

cd /srv/rutorrent/home
rm -rf .git

then repeat the installation process from the first step.

If your disk stats are showing inaccurate info, run this command


Thanks for the help @bate :slight_smile: