Let’s encrypte - renewal certificate


I have the same issue than @mattymatt Let’s encrypte - renewal certificate but the topic is close and doesn’t find where i can renew my certificate :s. If you can give the process you made @dtech, it would be verry hepful to renew myself my certificate.

Tank’s for your help and hop i can fix it later :).

Have a nice day.


Please check to see of your certificates are still to be found in /root/.acme.sh
If not, run box install letsencrypt to setup and confirm SSL certs to be updated


Hi bate, Tank’s for your replay.

I run box install letsencrypt And it same to renew the installation. I watch in the next day if i have a message about my certificate.

cd /root/
Installing letsencrypt
fatal: destination path 'acme.sh-master' already exists and is not an empty dire                           ctory.
Please enter an administrator email: [MYEMAIL]
Please enter a valid domain: [MYDOMAIN]

And the installing starting with sucess. Tank’s for your help bate ! :slight_smile: Verry helpful :).

Have a nice day.

Let's Encrypt Not Auto Renewing


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