How to route plex traffic an SSH tunnel when already tunneling?

Hey everyone,

So I’ve set up my Hetzner server and installed plex via the package management center. I followed the tutorial here about setting up an SSH tunnel for plex to show the seedbox’s server inside and it worked fine. I recently purchased a VPS in order to route the plex traffic through it and not Hetzer’s servers in order for the jitters and constant buffering to go away. I’m following this tutorial: and I got everything set up but I am having trouble with tunneling the VPS’s IP. If I type the IP following a colon and the port, I get constant “connection refused” errors in my web browsers. In the instructions the output of starting the service replicates the successful output you should get if it worked and it did, but I am unable to access Plex via the VPS’s IP.

EDIT: So I got it to route on my computer using putty due to a silly port issue but now my question is how to I route it on the seedbox and not just on my PC? Or did tunneling it via my PC somehow implemented the tunnel in the Seedbox?

Any ideas?

i do have always issue with buffering when i stream my files from Hetz to my plex. is that a good idea could you please explain more.

@cackai2 Did you ever figure out how to do it?

I’m on Hetzner as well with Quickbox and found that guide on ssh tunneling the other day, but I’m stumped and cannot get to plex from my tunnel ip either and get stuck at step 4b Does anyone else have any suggestions? Thanks guys!


Yep, I got stuck on that part too. I actually was not able to figure it out. Was going to test it later this week as I am out of the country. I’ll keep you updated on my progress.

Anyone able to assist us? :stuck_out_tongue:

i just did this last night, copy the code from the bottom of the page in the raw code box, only step 2 is done on the vps, otherwise the other steps are done on your seedbox. change TUNNELIP at the end of the code and run as user root. i tried to run as user late but it wouldnt load for me.

Thanks so much for the reply! I have a couple of questions:

  1. Upon installing plex, the server is unreachable. Did you follow this tutorial: Setting up an SSH Tunnel for Plex or did you start the VPS tunneling right away?

  2. When tunneling for the VPS, did you tunnel on the seedbox or your home PC? What did you input for IP(seedbox or VPS)/Tunnel information?

Thanks once again!

these are two different things cackai2, when you install plex on any remote server you have to do the tunneling for setup, i have had plex setup for awhile before doing this. this is not a permanent tunnel, after you name your plex library you can access it from outside the network.

for number two i did everything from my home pc with two putty windows, one for my seedbox and one for the vps, following the guide in the first post. if you follow this guide exactly, after step 2 you would have to open a new putty window to reconnect to your seedbox as running the command ssh root@tunnelip connects you to the vps.