High cpu load & no memory cache


I have Intel® Xeon® CPU E3-1240 v3 @ 3.40GHz (8 threads) cpu with 32GB ram and 10TB HDD. I use quickbox with ~20 user. I have very high cpu load (~1,5/thread) and my site is unavailable. The panel use 32GB/4GB ram and 16GB/0GB swap. I think memory cache is not working and I/O usage make high load.

Could anyone help me, please?

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this is normal

also you should not use less than 2GB of ram per user. just a recommendation not a requirement. but any less per user and you suffer quality of service.


Additional to what @dtech_banned has said, let me also bring home the point that QuickBox does not control and/or setup your systems Swap and Cache. This is something that is purely determined on the user-end of the scope.

Pay attention to ‘Real Memory’ as the Cached Memory and Physical Memory are normal to show as high usage. They are only a reflection of the actual memory usage. Real Memory is the actual amount of memory being used on your system.

If your cpu load is high and you have around 20 users on your system, it is quite possible that your system has become slightly saturated. Again, this is something you will have to monitor on your own accord to manage these users processes, send warnings and/or kill the processes on offending users. In most circumstances it will involve several users unraring simultaneously that will cause extremely high loads.

To further give my own opinion. Having 10TB of space is well and good, and though your specs are not by any means lacking… you will need to have a considerably higher rated hardware spec to run that many users. I would honestly think about looking into another server and moving users accordingly.


Just for comparison, at Swizards we put 6 users on a machine like that.

20 users = lots of fighting for disk io. The only instance I can see this not being a huge issue is if you’re running SSDs instead of HDDs.

Food for thought.

how is it possible to assign ram allocation to a user ?

sounds interesting if possible it would cure the abusers of a seedbox and bring them into check on a shared server

that’s not what i mean i mean for every one user you should have 2GB of ram not that they have.

Divvying up the resources is best done through containerization, whereby an instance is allocated a specific amount of resources during the creation of the container.

Just to jump on this since I have a question relating to it. I do know that real memory is that you’re supposed to be looking at (and having Physical and Cached at high percentages is fine), but I am noticing that when those two are high and in the red (while real memory is very low and in the green) I can’t perform actions in rutorrent such as load new torrents. But when I clear memory cache, it goes back to working order. My box also has 16GBs of ecc ram and ~70 torrents loaded at most, so what do you think is causing this “hang”? Could there be some memory leak that’s causing memory to rise in general possibly? All I have is Plex and rtorrent running.

You can follow up with the results of htop as well.

What is the CPU like on your system?

I ask as cached memory shouldn’t need to be flushed as it is simply relating back to you the processes which are stored in a cache file for quick access. Physical merely implies that your RAM is being utilized. These two have nothing to do with Real Memory as that is the actual amount of memory used. This will go up or down according to the amount used via the applications and their processes installed on your system.

Hi. Thanks for the reply. I’ll investigate some more with htop. But the CPU should ber relativley good. It’s a Intel Xeon E31245 - 3.30GHz. Generally does not go above 10%, and hardly over 5% use.