Hetzner Disk space Nan%

I have tried installing Debian or Ubuntu under Hetzner. I get the quickbox screen working. However. The memory says that it is NaN%. I am also unable to instal Sabd and Plex. Which is all I need.

I have tried using a home and root mount per this post: Disk Space Used not updating and wrong (Hetzner)

Thank you for your time.

Could you please tell me what is the output of:

uname -a , lsblk and df -h

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Linux Ubuntu-1604-xenial-64-minimal 4.4.0-53-generic #74-Ubuntu SMP Fri Dec 2 15:59:10 UTC 2016 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

@ajn123, could you do me a solid and ensure that your disk_data.php file matches up with the widgets source code.


Thanks again.

Sadly, I can’t see any differences. I ran a text compare on the files and it is all the same.

Is there a step by step guide on how to do the install ? I can always start over…