Does Hetzner DC matter?

I had a 6TB server with them at DC 16 and I was very happy with performance. I saw on reddit one seedbox provider say that in his experience servers with iNIC perform much better. I only had that one server with them so I cannot compare, but it would do 100MB/s up/down at any time. I had exact same specs as this offer :

Single thread to my home about 3000km away always maxed out my 100mbit line, while my current fluctuates from 2-9MB/s. It also did a bit better overall on torrents, if it weren’t for 20TB limit I wouldn’t trade it.

There is a lot said about “bad peering” with Hetzner but in my experience it’s the best I used after Leaseweb.

US users wanting to order from OVH, SYS or Kimsufi should do so ONLY from their .ie sites. ; ;

You can order in Euros from the US just fine. VAT will be added at first, but even kimsufi will verify your account within 2-3 week-days via e-0mail and remove the VAT from your account. They credit you for the VAT you already paid.

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Why should you order only from the ie site?

I was replying to the one looking to pay the lower Euro pricing. If you’re fine with paying in USD, then by all means the US site is fine. Sorry for the confusion on who I was replying to.

Is there anyway to actually get the IP to different hetzner DC to test the routes? I really wish leaseweb or Amsterdam boxes were cheaper because I get from east coast united states to amsterdamn in 10 hops, thats 5 less then it takes me to get to my OVH canada box :frowning:

you could test against mine if you’d like.

same, and there US locations as well. have used a reseller for long time to have slot on US leaseweb and is great, always full speeds and never issues. And does just fine back to EU where most seedboxes are. but I now want more storage and control so looking for dedicated possibly with high storage and hetzner seems great for that but worried about peering. The plex box is for family sharing and spread across NA. So trying to decide if it will work or not for all. If could get something like it in states or possible sys in canada then might be ok.

Just to let you guys know there upgrading switches in various datacenters. So your speeds may improve

Does Hetzner really have an issue with DMCA messages? I’m considering them however I do sometimes use public trackers and dont want to deal with it. I’ve never gotten abuse warnings from which is why I stick with them.

Hetzner will give you notices and I do believe they expect you to respond within 24 hours before they themselves take action.

They are looking for a “How could this have happened” and “what will you do to prevent the issue from occurring in the future”

“Yes mom, okay mom”

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You think upgrading switches will help peering to the United States?

I had a hetzner box for at least 8 months and never had DMCA issues. Just don’t use public trackers or shitty private ones.

Ive ordered the SX131 just waiting for their confirmation now :smiley: