Does Hetzner DC matter?

@liara is incredible with tuning, so no doubt it’s something you’ll not regret. She had my crusty old E3 humming at a steady 108MB/s.

Yeah I messaged her earlier this week with some questions ^^ Ive been reading a lot of different guides to see what tuning entails but I am a hobbyist and most of my setups seem messy xD which is why quickbox was a lifesaver for me. I used to run deluge and plex on my server before without anything fancy.

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So you believe a so you start Europe server would be smarter then hetzner for streaming to the east coast? I live in New York

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yes as long as you dont need more than 20MB/s upload

Because it’s only a 250mb guaranteed? I’m currently on a kimsufi server is Canada because I wanted plex to work

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yes and i hardly ever seen more on my sys server
ovh has better speed options and allows you to pay to up the speed sys does not…

I can actually say I was wrong. I just checked their network from a Digital Ocean VPS in New York DC 3. Looks like it comes on through New Jersey, so that shouldn’t be a problem at all.

The speed really isn’t the issue, it’s more that i want more hard drive space at a reasonable cost, since hetzner peering seems to be worse then OVH France I was considering so you start. I’m used to being capped at 100mbit for Kim Sufi. I’m in New York and hetzner used to work flawless 24/7 about a year ago, but the peering to hetzner become unusable around last fall so I had to cancel my server. I don’t expect to stream 1080p quality on plex, I usually do 3mbps bit rate for plex and stream 720 quality over chromecast

What comes through in New Jersey? Hetzner? Or OVH?

the fiber under the sea

Do you know why hetzner has bigger peering issues then OVH?

different paths the data takes. best way to figure out if you will have good peering is trace the server from home and see how many hops you get under 10 is good 20 is bad i get 24 on my server… sad but i only use to upload

I was referring to Hetzner.

Oh ok! Do you know if it’s possible to buy so you start or OVH with their euro prices? The prices are ridiculously inflated on the US site, the euro to USD conversation is still at least 10 dollars cheaper.

Is there anyway to trace hetzner or OVH Europe before actually buying a server?

I have no real issue on hetz from vegas but I don’t stream; i download everything to my house but i can download 400 GB in about 3 hours give or take a hour

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Thanks dtech, I did see that site but if you try to order it only lets you select UK as the country and wants to charge you VAT, am I doing something wrong?

vat is a tax in the uk as i understand it the usa does
not have that that is also why we have higher price is cuz no tax on it.

so either way you end up paying the same lower price+vat = same as us without tax