Does Hetzner DC matter?

I’ve heard many different theories about not wanting a Hetzner DC under 19? Has anyone found this is true? Especially for routing back to the United States.

I had a 16 provisioned server with Hetzer and on the Weekends streaming was a massive pain. During the weekdays (USA) I had no issues at all. I must add though that this was streaming 720. The streaming of 1080 or better would cause bandwidth to choke. I have never had a higher number.

I also know that @dtech_banned has a 13 provisioned server and he too has had peering issues. The rumors may be true, however, I have not had enough provisioned thus far to know… but thus far it seems spot on.

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What was the “guaranteed bandwidth” they promised if I might ask? I am thinking about switching to Hetzner next month :s

They promise 1Gbit with a side of lag.

Well, it’s 1Gbit for the one I was on with 20TB of upload.

Pretty much :joy:

I will say that their servers are fast and @liara says they have some of the fastest OS around.

I see. I am going to order the SX131 next month and hopefully I get DC 19+ then :stuck_out_tongue:
@JMSolo oh and I really wanted to thank you and all the contributors for this wonderful project. I remember when I first saw it on the TI forums and thought “This script seems really neat”. I would have never imagined quickbox getting this big.

It also really helps a lot for torrenting on multiple private trackers ^^ (20TB+ with 20k torrents distributed among 4 trackers atm)

I think if your wanting streaming server find a ovh server you can afford. if you want a server for ratio building Hetzner is great they do get great upload speeds to other servers just not to North America it would seem. i did get ok peering with a server that was on DC 12 but. as of now i can only upload on a single stream to the server at less than 400kbps but lucky i can have many streams or uploading many files would take forever. download is about the same.

best thing to do is find someone willing to let you tracert there server and see how many hops you get anything under 10 and your great anything passed 20 and you will lag a bit.

I am from Switzerland so it should be no problem. I just cant find anything cheaper storagewise than the SX131

You mean OVH Canada or do you think OVH france also has better speeds back to the US?

Ah, I have heard from others (from Switzerland actually) that streaming is fantastic from Hetzner. In that regard, you’ll have no issues at all :slight_smile:

Also, thanks for the kind words :blush: . I would had never imagined the community to grow so large and so fast… without everyone chipping in suggestions and little finding here and there, we’d be nowhere near what we are today. We have a great set of contributors and the communication is always on point… definitely helps to keep it’s momentum solid.

Canada works better but france is still better than Germany for some reason.

I think Hetzner hops in to the West Coast initially, whereas OVH France comes in through the North East. This could be the difference.

Using a hetzner box myself european placed and I have no issues with speed, weekend traffic or something like that. Things just runs like a truck and it´s dead reliable imo. Haven´t any issues so far. Also no issues with the 20tb limit - haven´t reached it yet even though traffic is quite steady both up and down :slight_smile:

Yup Hetzner runs like a truck but this is based on my northern european placement - sadly no experience overseas!

I think only outgoing traffic gets counted. Does hetzner have any “extra” fees? started to charge more for support a while ago and every interaction with their support was really bad imho :s

Not any extra fees that I had noticed, but I have never requested any additional support. Also, For both you guys @chKaze and @xcrailer… Hetzner comes with an awesome reset/safe boot. So if anything ever goes north, it’s very reliable and easy to get in there and run some fixes.

Well my experience they rely on a “Deutsche Gründlichket” mind set equal to a very high German standard for their working mentality I think meaning - support is fast, controlled and reliable…no messing arround and I like it a lot! No hidden fees or surprices.


Its decided then, going to switch to Hetzner starting next month.

If you need any help with QB and Hetzner set up don´t hesitate to fetch me :slight_smile:

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I am going to try out the tuning/guru setup but thanks :stuck_out_tongue: