Diskspace widget shows wrong disk qouta

Well a friend installed and configured my quickbox on a hetzner server and he setup 3 accounts with different quotas.
7.4MB admin/
1.4TB tundra/
1015.1GB zorkel/

Well my dashboard shows something rather odd I would say.

Screenshot of quickbox dashboard

Rutorrent also whines about the disk being full but I did free up some 400GB of space.

Any idea on how to solve this if I may ask?

Running quickbox on Debian-85-jessie-64-minimal

i think your friend might have made a few mistakes when installing. but the img leads me to think he set a quota after you started using it. meaning your using more data than you have been given

Sorry for the late reply.

I see, what would be the easiest way to go around and remedy that then if I may ask?
Everything else seems to be working quite fine thought.

Try uninstall “Quotas” and install it again.

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I fidgeted around a bit looking and discovered admin/friend had a quota setup but I didn’t probably a small oversight on my friends part. I solved it by running setdisk and allocated some space for me.

Thought this brings me to another question I wonder if I can get some answers to. :slight_smile:

How can I see total space available preferably in an understanding way.
Also how can I see total amount of space available/used for each user?

I’m much more used to windows and guis to display information for me, trying to learn and understand linux better.
Currently using ubuntu as main desktop for anything but gaming. So slowly learning my way around. :smiley:

I do thought consider this question solved. And if I should move the second question here in to another section just let me know will you?


This is actually something that as soon as I have time, I do plan on adding a widget to the QuickBox Admin users dashboard that shows the current quotas (amounts and use) for each created user.

For now you can type showspace and this will reveal the amount of space that every user is currently taking up.

Typing repquota -a will return a Quota report for each user and where they currently stand with their assigned space.

You can additionally type quota USERNAME to see a particular users quota.

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Thanks for that answer JMSolo!

Answered my question perfectly!