Disk Status after importing

Hello all,

Newbie with quickbox, nifty program.

I came across this thread here - Hard Disk Status on Dashboard
I was wondering if this already posted question can be answered. Apologies if this has already been answered elsewhere.

I ask because I as well moved files into my server [FTP + BTSync] and saw the Hard Disk status widget was not reflecting the new change in size but rather maintained that of the torrent clients, even after experimenting by moving few of some imported files to the torrent client directory.

Any answer would be much appreciated.


Using FTP is the best way to broke the permissions of your files. Please fix the permissions of the directory by using the chown command as root.

For example :

chown -R Houkuni:Houkuni /home/Houkuni/MySuperFolderThatIsntSyncedWithTheWidgetYet :slight_smile:

The Disk Status Widget works only with the good user.

Noice! Disk Status Widget is now on point.
Much apprciated tomcdj71 :smiley:

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