Disk Space Used Incorrect? How to fix?

I looked over the other topics and neither were 100% the same.

Two issues

  1. Disk space Used is showing up as right now 88gb used

however this shows that there isn’t much used.

This also brings me to a second thing.

My Server has 2 hard drives

  • 2x HDD SATA 3,0 TB Enterprise

But every stat check I do (in quickbox) makes it seem like 1 disk

Applies Quick Fix for dashboard widgets based on mount.
fix-disk_widget_home = ‘home_diskwidget’
fix-disk_widget_root = ‘root_diskwidget’

More than likely the dashboard is also reporting the reserved system space, whereas df is not.

According to those screenshots, this would be due to your drives being in a RAID1 setup. RAID0 will utilize both drives.

Makes sense with the df, however it did update correctly after a restart.

I noticed that after i looked at it a bit further with the raid1, i guess I was confused because I had asked for it to be RAID 0 for speed. Thought it was setup that way.

thanks for the help

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